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Job # 1

Alia International Hospital is hiring the following


- for a big medical supplies co.

■Education: Pharmacy or science certificate.

Minimum 3 years of experience in selling medical

■ Valid driving license and a car.
Language - Arabic + English
■ Salary + commission

Only applicants with transferable residence shall be
considered. Email id: [email protected]

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Job # 2

Job opportunities

1) Showroom Salesman

- with showroom experience, preferably at least 5
years in Kuwait, selling electronic and IT equipment

2) Draftsman

- Minimum 10 years' experience with at least 3 years
in Kuwait.

3) Project Engineer / Site Enginee

with 10 years' overall experience and 5 years
experience in Kuwait handling turnkey projects. Must
be able to handle a project Independently and Involve
in site co-ordination, planning and handling
consultants, other contractors, suppliers etc.

Kuwait Driving License, transferable visa etc.

4) Store Keeper & Inventory Controller

- Must be a Commerce graduate / Electro mechanical or
electronics engineering diploma holder, above 35
years age & minimum 5 years experience with
computerized inventory & accounting system.

5) Foreman

Minimum 5 years experience in Kuwait in turnkey

Kuwait driving license, transferable visa, etc.

6) Helper

- Required for helping electricians and technicians
on site.

Must be able bodied and preferably less than 40 years

7) Office Boy

- Office Tea Boy Cleaner (preferably Indian!, who
will be taking care of tea and coffee service for
customers & staff and also cleaning the office.

***** ***** *****

Job # 3


A German Multi-National Company (MNC) has following
vacancies in Kuwait:
Brush Painters

Sand Blasters

Spray Painters



QA/QC Inspectors-Painting


Only those who are in Kuwait & with Transferable Visa
need to apply.
Those interested, please send your CVs to:

[email protected]
or contact: 92206708

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