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Miscellaneous job alerts received from Members / friends on  AUGUST 18, 2007 - SATURDAY
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In this issue we rearticulating following jobs / positions.  Click the job / position to view the details

* Various Jobs IT department

* Electrical Engineers

* 1) Oracle Developers 2) Civil Site Engineer 3) Surveyors 4) Micro station Operators 5) I.T Sales Professionals 6) Hardware Technicians

* Civil Engineer

* GIS Engineer

* IT Sales Executive

* Salesman

* civil engineer

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Subject: Vacancies available by a company Rajhi Steel ITs Staff professional
Date: Thu, 16 Aug 2007 15:43:00 +0300

From: "Jamal Hassan" < Jamal.Hassan@rajhisteel.com  >

To: jobs_gulf_info@yahoo.com 

Dear Brother Sajid ( Gulf Jobs )

We are currently looking for highly qualified people in IT department in Jeddah for Factory Rajhi Steel we Prefer Arab national ITs             (back to top)

Company Profile

The year 1984, marked the foundation of the Rajhi Steel industries, under the esteemed leadership of Shiekh Muhammad Abdulaziz Al-Rajhi. Since its establishment, it has steadily grown to capture a fair share of the Steel Products Market not only in the Kingdom but in other gulf countries as well. Our foremost Vision is customer satisfaction and we consider Our Customers as Our Partners. We create value and trust by working with them closely to provide best service quality and superior products

Qualifications: A. minimum of Degree in Computer Science, Information Technology ( IT )

Job Location: Jeddah

Work Hours General Shift 7:30 AM to 4:00 PM

Start Date Immediately

Experience Over 3 years experience


Requirements: IT Administrator Assistant Network and Security

Key Responsibilities

1. Manage scope and access rights for LAN & WAN & VIP

2. Monitor LAN and WAN performance and fine-tunes for higher response and availability

3. Manage the link between the organization and external bodies .
4. Maintain and enhance email and internet systems

5. Maintain adequate security levels through effective and easy to maintain technical solutions.
6. Manage telecom solutions utilizing our WAN, such as IP telephony, video conferencing, internet digital cameras * Cisco Certified Network Associate Symantec firewall and antivirus

7. Reporting to IT Manager daily feedback

Knowledge Develop and ensure effective implementation of developed IT hardware and network procedures including installation, maintenance and security standards, liaising with end-users to ensure any modification and upgrading to their facilities are addressed promptly.
Coordinate the training to end-users to ensure that working practice is fully compliant with IT hardware and network procedures and those end-users requirements are accurately captured and defined to meet objectives.
Coordinate compliance with data-processing-related services and problems encountered, resolving any outstanding issues to ensure end-user requirements are met.
Assess and enhance the efficiency and capacity of hardware and software in order to plan for future upgrading, making recommendations and providing input into feasibility studies.
Manage back up procedures in order to minimize loss of data due to accidental crisis or accidents. Ensure that data security is strictly observed.
Draft and subsequently maintain software and hardware installation standards / procedures to be implemented.
Establish, plan and implement the maintenance of hardware to ensure it is carried out in accordance with manufacturer's recommendations. Maintain inventory lists of software and hardware properties in his area.
Manage training on systems use to ensure their full capabilities are exploited for the benefit end-users.
End ensure all IT documentation is up-to-date and safely maintained

Reporting to IT Manager daily


Requirements IT Help Desk Officer

Key Responsibilities

Employee is responsible for receiving, recording calls from the users and trying to fix technical problems over the phone. Work involves routing problems to different sections according to the nature of the problem. Work requires the creation of daily and reports and follow up with the calling users reporting to IT Manager daily


Requirements. IT Web Developer

Key Responsibilities

Design, Develop & Implement Web Application, Database Design & Content Management system. with experience in developing and maintaining web portals.
• Responsible for understanding requirements, coding, unit testing, reporting, documentation • Oversees (manage) a team of systems engineers.
• Good knowledge in XML, JSP, Apache Tomcat, share Point and SQL Database is preferred,
• Dot Net based web application using C#.NET and ASP.NET with -MS SQL .
• Should be able to analyze and evaluate existing and proposed Web Applications
• Be able to use a good Graphics program like Adobe PhotoShop
• Know basic and advanced design principles, both of the Web and in print.
• Should be equipped with the knowledge of Network, Internet and different protocols
• Strong analytical, verbal and written communications skills. Be able to write sound technical documentation and know to communicate effectively on technical concepts
• Strong inter-personal ability
• Ability to visualize a solution for the problem in hand
• Problem solving strategy
• Exceptional in detail follow up

• Reporting to IT Manager


Requirements. IT Applications Administrator

Key Responsibilities

Recommend changes to existing processes to improve and support Municipality systems, operations and activities.
2. Provide management with regular progress status reports and executive presentations.
3. Coordinate the prioritization of requirements and manages the change request process.
4. Manage user group meetings and follows up on user feedback.
5. Design campaigns to increase usage levels.
6. Participate and leads, in some cases, cross-functional communication with executive management, mid level managers, and the rest of the Municipality.
7. Influence key decisions and decision-making processes.
8. Perform management tasks including monitoring, coaching, and performance evaluations.
9. Perform any other tasks that may be assigned by the IT General Manager.


Requirements IT Database Administrator

Key Responsibilities

1. Perform and oversees activities related to day-to-day database maintenance and support including creating and monitoring backups, refreshing development / QA database as needed, editing indexes and performing installations and upgrades.
2. Establish and enforce optimized methods of transferring data between various database management systems.
3. Perform database planning, creating standard operating procedures and policies including but not limited to established change control and migration.
4. Work with the IT organization and suppliers to identify and establish data exchange standards and tools to support Municipality applications and the reporting and decision support systems.
5. Oversee operational data integration points and issues.
6. Provide recommendations to top management on the selection of technological solutions.
7. Develop database sizing and participates in vendor selection.
8. Solve highly technical, complex issues and is consulted on varied multidimensional database related issues.
9. Establish common operating procedures for database support

10. Reporting to IT Manager


Requirements Telecom

Key Responsibilities

Definite PABXs Basic* Definite Adjuncts* Definite Audi - Voice Messaging* Intuit Audi Basic* Intuit Audi Messaging Solutions* Definite Networking
Definite call centers:- Definite ACD ( Basic & Advanced )- BCMSVU - Call Management System - Centre CMS - Call Management System CTI - Conversant IVR

Good knowledge and experience in the following is recommended:
PC Based telephone applications ( Voice Mails, Billing Systems, ... etc)
Personal Computers - TCP / IP networks
Productive* Efficient


Team work and can work under presser

Reporting to IT Manager


Requirements Programming

Key Responsibilities

The ideal candidate is expected to carry out the following duties:
• Supervising the setting up and assessment of the department’s delivery plans and programs in cooperation with the different sections, specifying the obstacles that hinder their implementation and suggesting means of overcoming these obstacles.
• Supervising the department, following up the performance of the teaching and technical staff, suggesting means of developing procedures of students, in cooperation with the Heads of Sections
• Implementing quality assurance measures in the academic programs
• Proposing plans for academic research and he annual activities of the department
• Following up students’ academic counseling
• Suggesting criteria and specifications for the department’s examination
• Identifying the department’s needs for teaching and technical support staff, equipment and materials. Supervising the setting up of their specifications in cooperation with the heads of sections.
• Providing the Dean with the minutes of Departmental Council meetings.
• Ensuring the implementation of health and safety measures in laboratories and workshops

Reporting to IT Manager



1) Fluent in written and spoken Arabic and English.
2) Strong communication skills and team worker.
3) Able to complete difficult, detailed and complex assignments.
4) Reporting to the IT Manager.


For all those who are interested, please send in your Cvs to address in below

Required ITs Staff we need in Jeddah Immediately sent there CV with photo to Jeddah attention IT Manger Email jamal.hassan@rajhisteel.com 

NOTE: Engineers should be Degree IT & Foremen with min 3 Years relevant experience and Iqamh Must Transfer after three Months

 (back to top)
NOTE : Those who fulfill the above given requirements should send their CVs to above
given address only...............Please dont send / cc to us ( jobs_gulf_info), we are
just passing job information to you ................we are not recruiting agents or
representative of any one

From: "Abdulla Turk" < abdulla_turk@hotmail.com >

To: jobs_gulf_info@yahoo.com 

Subject: Urgently required Electrical Engineers (Eastern Province , Saudi Arabia)      (back to top)

Date: Sat, 18 Aug 2007

Dear Brothers

Our client need urgently 24 Qualified and Experienced in power utility company in the field of Electrical Engineers with the following minimum requirements:

Head, Commissioning Engineer ( 3 Numbers )

BS in Electrical Engineering with special subject of power transmission & distribution . Any special Course/Training on subject of Protection Relays Engineering & Application is desirable . Fifteen ( 15 ) years experience, of which Ten ( 10 ) years must be in Design , field application , project,specially in Site Commissioning & Testing of Protection relays, Electrical Plant testing, Substations and Transmission Line Projects.

Protection Engineer ( 13 Numbers )

BS in Electrical Engineering, Ten (10) years experience in commissioning of protection of Electrical Plants, protection in general & in depth circuitry / most of relay manufacturers like ABB, AREVA, VA TECH, SIEMENS, GENERAL ELECTRIC, MITSUBISHI, TOSHIBA towards field commissioning testing & putting in final service / changing trend in protection & future developments / well experienced in rely setting calculations & applying setting in field / all aspects of schematic drawings related to electrical substation commissioning

Electrical Engineer ( 8 Numbers )

BS Degree in Electrical Engineering, Ten (10) Years Experience in relevant field and discipline. Must have good knowledge in High Voltage power and commissioning of transmission project and well conversant with all international standards, such as, but not limited to, IEC, IEEE, DIN, SASO ANSI etc. Also must have experience in Inspection and testing of SF6 Gas insulated substations, rated for voltage from 13.8 kv up to 380 kv and switchgear rated for 69/33/13.8/11 kv / Inspection and testing of Cables and overhead line transmission equipment such as cables, conductors, surge arresters, terminations and joints, and related accessories / Power transformer field (up to 600MVA, 400KV), he should have in depth technical knowledge of power transformer and reactors.

Job Location for all the category is in the eastern province, Saudi Arabia.

Important Notice : Anyone feels qualified, please type the Job Title you want to submit for in the subject of your e-mail.

Best Regards

Abdulla A. Al-Turk
Asst. General Manager
Al-Othman Consultant Group

Website : www.othmanconsult.com
(W) : + 966 3 8942727 / 2828 / 2929
(F) : + 966 3 8940440

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NOTE : Those who fulfill the above given requirements should send their CVs to above
given address only...............Please dont send / cc to us ( jobs_gulf_info), we are
just passing job information to you ................we are not recruiting agents or
representative of any one

Date: Sat, 18 Aug 2007

From: "Yasir A.Alvi" < yasiralvi@gmail.com >

To: jobs_gulf_info@yahoo.com

Subject: Kindly publish attached jobs today !           (back to top)

1) Oracle Developers  2) Civil Site Engineer  3) Surveyors   4) Micro station Operators  5) I.T Sales Professionals   6) Hardware Technicians

We are looking for mentioned Below Professionals for our reputable Clients.

Please pass these details to your Friends / Circle if you are not interested or Available.

Only Professionals from Saudi Arabia with Transferable Profession on Iqama, NO VISAS AVAILABLE.

These and our all Positions are Direct to the Clients


Email ID: Jobsinksa@workchain.com 

1) Oracle Developers (1 for Riyadh, 3 for Jeddah)

Minimum Requirements: Professionals must have real experience in Development.

Experience required around 2 Years.

Location: Riyadh

Salary Package: Around SAR 4000 Total.

2) Civil Site Engineer (1 Position)

Minimum Requirements: Only experienced Engineers need to apply.

Location: Riyadh

Salary package + Facilities: Negotiable

3) Surveyors (2 Position)

Minimum Requirements: Professionals should have survey experience in GIS or Civil areas.

Location: Riyadh

Salary package + Facilities: Negotiable

4) Micro station Operators (4 Positions)

Minimum Requirements: Required trained or untrained young candidates for Riyadh Projects, Software Training will be provided to selected candidates.

Location: Riyadh

Salary package + Facilities: Negotiable

5) I.T Sales Professionals (2 Positions)

Minimum Requirements: Required experienced or inexperienced candidates for Riyadh I.T Company.

Location: Riyadh

Salary package + Facilities: Negotiable

6) Hardware Technicians (2 Positions)

Minimum Requirements: Required experienced professionals those having real Hardware maintenance experience.

Location: Riyadh

Salary package + Facilities: Negotiable

Email ID: Jobsinksa@workchain.com 

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NOTE : Those who fulfill the above given requirements should send their CVs to above
given address only...............Please dont send / cc to us ( jobs_gulf_info), we are
just passing job information to you ................we are not recruiting agents or
representative of any one

From: malba7arna@yahoo.com 

Date: Friday, August 17, 2007

Category: Civil Engineer          (back to top)

Region: Bahrain

Description: We are looking for Civil Engineer to work for Established construction company. Candidate must have Diploma or BE in civil Engineering with minimum 5 years of experience in Bahrain or Gulf countries.

Age should be below 38 years. Responsible for assigning and managing of projects, ability to estimate, coordinate & execute all civil works.

Proficiency in Auto CAD (2D & 3D) and drafting software skills and
experienced in design and drawing.

Candidate with the above qualifications and experience may apply and send updated CV with recent photo to this Email address : malba7arna@yahoo.com

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NOTE : Those who fulfill the above given requirements should send their CVs to above
given address only...............Please dont send / cc to us ( jobs_gulf_info), we are
just passing job information to you ................we are not recruiting agents or
representative of any one

From: anjum034@gmail.com 

Date: Friday, August 17, 2007

Category: GIS Engineer              (back to top)

Region: Saudi Arabia (Qassim)

Description: We are looking for people to work in pakistan
We have jobs available for in saudi arabia
send me cv on my id

 (back to top)
NOTE : Those who fulfill the above given requirements should send their CVs to above
given address only...............Please dont send / cc to us ( jobs_gulf_info), we are
just passing job information to you ................we are not recruiting agents or
representative of any one

Subject: IT Sales Executive

Date: Sat, 18 Aug 2007

subject  :    Job for IT Sales Executive

From: "Mohammed Aijaz Hussain" < aijaz@otaishan.com.sa

To: jobs_gulf_info@yahoo.com 

Dear Mr.Sajid,

· Position :IT Sales Executive             (back to top)

· Minimum required experience:2 Years

· Minimum required qualifications :Any Degree

· Work Place : Riyadh
· Computer Literacy :yes

· Contact person :Mr.Aijaz Hussain.Mohd

· Contact Address to send CV (e mail, Mailing Address or Fax No: ) :Infotech@otaishan.com.sa

Thanks and regards

Aijaz Hussain.Mohd


 (back to top)
NOTE : Those who fulfill the above given requirements should send their CVs to above
given address only...............Please dont send / cc to us ( jobs_gulf_info), we are
just passing job information to you ................we are not recruiting agents or
representative of any one

Date: Sat, 18 Aug 2007 02:51:42 -0700 (PDT)
From: "siva prasad" < siva_prasad664@yahoo.com >

Subject: Required Salesman               (back to top)

To: jobs_gulf_info@yahoo.com

A renowned Foodstuff Trading Company in Dammam is now
looking for an experienced Salesman having
transferable Iqama. The candidate should be a graduate
and should have minimum 2-3 years experience in
Foodstuff sales. Attractive salary and perks offered
for right candidate. Rush your resume to fax number:
03/8427963 or by e-mail to foodstuff@ibn-hayyan.com .
Please write attention to Mr. Hussain Al Darwish, Vice

Best regards....

 (back to top)
NOTE : Those who fulfill the above given requirements should send their CVs to above
given address only...............Please dont send / cc to us ( jobs_gulf_info), we are
just passing job information to you ................we are not recruiting agents or
representative of any one

Date: Sat, 18 Aug 2007 02:16:23 -0700 (PDT)

From: "saud Al-zaidi" < zaidisbh@yahoo.com >

Subject: Re: civil engineer          (back to top)

To: "Your Brother" < jobs_gulf_info@yahoo.com >

Mr Sajid

the position site field supervisor
experience min 5 years (prefered in water supply line and sewer lines construction) and
ability to use level transmitter for water line survey.  he can drive car
required qualification B.S in civil engineer
work place Saudi arabia
age of candidate less than 45 years
contact persone Mr. Saud
email address in Saudi Arabia  zaidisbh@yahoo.com


 (back to top)

NOTE : Those who fulfill the above given requirements should send their CVs to above
given address only...............Please dont send / cc to us ( jobs_gulf_info), we are
just passing job information to you ................we are not recruiting agents or
representative of any one


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