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Miscellaneous job alerts received from Members / friends on  AUGUST 09, 2007 - THURSDAY
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In this issue we are circulating following jobs Click on the position to view the details


*   Contracts Engineer , Cost Estimator / Quantity Surveyor

*   Market Research Analyst

*   Professional Graphic Designer Trainer

*   Recruitment Manager


*   1) Project Manager 2) Engineers (Electrical, Mechanical, HVAC, Civil) 3) Supervisors (Electrical,  Electronic, Mechanical, HVAC, Civil )


*   SALES ENGINEERS (5 positions)

*   1) Electromechanical Engineers, 2) Plumbers, 3) A/C Technician, 4) A/C Duct Fabricator,
     5) Electrical Technician



Our Message

Date: Tue, 7 Aug 2007
From: "ANIL KUMAR" < laasku@yahoo.com >

Subject: Required   contracts engineer & cost controller by an Oil co. in Libya      (back to top)

To  :  jobs_gulf_info@yahoo.com

Dear Brother Sajid
Please circulate below requirement.   

Contracts Engineer ,  Cost Estimator / Quantity Surveyor

Many thanks for your help.


Required contracts engineer & cost controller by an
Oil Co. in Libya as per below profile , if interested please email laasku@yahoo.com

Title: Contracts Engineer

Division: Exploration-Production

Entity: Contracts Department

The jobholder is located in Tripoli Office

Situation in organization

Position to report: Contracts Department Coordinator

Present job holder: VACANT

Job dimensions
Financial accountability: Not Applicable
Contacts; All company end-user departments Supervised
Manpower: None
Context and environment


The main activities of the Contract Engineer are
summarized as follows;
• Drafting and interpretation of Contract and tender.
• Review and Evaluate offers, quotations and
• Evaluate and interpret bidder's Pre- qualification
• Review bidder's pre-qualification documents.
• Familiarity with industrial contracts requirements.
• Able to read and interpret engineering drawing,
specs and scope of works
• Able to prepare RFQ to send to bidders,
• All other duties assigned within his capability
• Prepare reports and minutes of meeting
• Familiarity of International Standard contracts.
• Computer literate and familiarity of related
• Guarantee the quality of Contracts in conformity
with Company Interests.
• Must show commitment and awareness of Company
standard contracts.
• Guarantee good level of confidentiality and trust.
Qualifications / experience required
• University Engineering Degree BSc, or Higher
Technical Institution Degree,
• Professional experience: minimum 5 years.


Cost Estimator / Quantity Surveyor

Location: Libya
5 day week - Tripoli based
• Accurately forecasting the cost of future projects
needing for bidding and contracting.
• Able to prepare a detailed cost estimate for any
kind of oil and gas project.
• Able to calculate the costing of Labour, material
and works.
• Develop cost info and data as a basis for costing.
• Compile and analyze all data on each factor that may
influence costing and estimation.
• Able to review and interpret drawings, specs, scope
of work and BOM.
Able to prepare accurate Bill of Quantity "BOM" and
Takeoff after work site visiting.
Familiar with software related to costing, estimation
and calculation techniques.
Performed work as a quantity surveyor.
• Analyze and evaluate bids, offers and proposals and
make recommendation as required.
• Prepare reports, analyses, study, market survey and
recommendations related to costing.
• The job holder is located in Tripoli office.
Guarantee the quality of Cost Estimation of Tender and
Contracts in conformity with company interests.
Must show commitment and awareness of company

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From: uae@gmx.net

To  :  jobs_gulf_info@yahoo.com 

Date: Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Category: Market Research Analyst Japan          (back to top)

Region: Dubai

Description: Status: full time employment
Start: as soon as possible
Base: Dubai Internet City, United Arab Emirates

Job description:

internet research of physicians’ qualification and contact details
data base administration of physicians data base
contact with physicians, medical organizations and authorities via e-mail, fax and phone
translation of correspondence and medical related documents
project handling of international market research projects in cooperation with the Market Research Manager
acquisition of new projects


experience in market research, marketing or data base administration
excellent knowledge in MS Word, Excel, Outlook, Access
high level experience handling PC and internet research
background knowledge of Japanese health care system
familiar with medical terms
excellent Japanese language skills - native speakers preferred

Should you be interested in this vacancy, please send a detailed CV with a covering letter and a passport sized digital photograph to uae@gmx.net  .

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To  :  jobs_gulf_info@yahoo.com

Date: Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Category: Professional Graphic Designer Trainer          (back to top)

Region: Jeddah

Description: “Professional Graphic Designer Trainer” required for reputed training center.
Interests have to submit their CV’s to MLM_MOAZIN@YAHOO.COM

We are looking for Jeddah residents only.

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From: management@imc-dubai.com 

To  :  jobs_gulf_info@yahoo.com

Date: Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Category: Recruitment Manager          (back to top)

Region: UAE

Description: Arab National.

Excellent communication. Hard core recruitment experience of 5-8 years. Responsible for recruitment of all level. Should be able to judge right candidate.

UAE exp must.

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From: adksahr@gmail.com 

To  :  jobs_gulf_info@yahoo.com

Date: Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Category: FINANCE MANAGER             (back to top)

Region: Riyadh


Develop and implements financial strategies and finance and accounting policies and procedures and ensure fully compliance with standards and regulations.

Defines and implements a proper accounting system.  

Directs the preparation of all financial reports, including income statements, balance sheets, cash flow, reports to shareholders, zakat, and income tax. 

Monitors and manages the treasury, supervises investment of funds and deals with banks.

Qualification Requirement:

Masters Degree in Business Administration, Accounting, Finance or related field from a recognized university Relevant Certification (CPA, CA or CFA) is must
Language Proficiency: Fluent English and Arabic


More than 10years of experience of which at least 5years in a senior position.


E-Mail: adksahr@gmail.com
Phone: 2106555
Fax: 2106111

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From: jmanglicmot@hotmail.com

To  :  jobs_gulf_info@yahoo.com  

Date: Wednesday, August 08, 2007          (back to top)

Category: Jobs Offered for   1) Project Manager 2) Engineers (Electrical, Mechanical, HVAC, Civil) 3) Supervisors (Electrical, Electronic, Mechanical, HVAC, Civil )

Region: Muscat (Muscat)

Description: We are looking for highly qualified applicants who will work for a prestigious company in Muscat, Oman. We preferred applicants who are in Muscat or in Dubai. Please see the details below:

Electrical Engineer:

Shall hold a Bachelor of Science degree in electrical engineering.
He shall have adequate experience in HV/LV with capability of troubleshooting and fault diagnosing of different elements of electrical distribution systems and net works. He shall also have a thorough knowledge of the design, troubleshooting and basic electronics of UPS, Generators, Fire protection and security Alarm system, Cathodic passenger lifts.

Mechanical Engineer:

Shall hold a Bachelor of Science degree in mechanical engineering. He shall have adequate experience and technical knowledge in general plumbing services, drainage systems; sewage treatment plants irrigations systems, potable water softeners and distillers, commercial and industrial and industrial laundry and kitchen equipment, natural gas ring mains distribution networks, swimming pools, water features, and 500 kg/hr incinerators. He shall have the knowledge and capability of diagnosing , analyzing and troubleshooting faults and malfunctions related to the above mentioned disciplines.

HVAC Engineer:

Shall hold a Bachelor of Science degree in mechanical engineering with advanced study and/or training in HVAC. He shall have adequate experience and technical knowledge in centralized air conditioning systems, chillers up to 250 tones with reciprocating and screw type compressors, package and split units, walk in cold rooms and domestic refrigeration units. He shall be familiar with building management systems. He shall also have the knowledge and capability of diagnosing, analyzing and troubleshooting faults and malfunction related to the above intentioned disciplines.

Civil Engineer:

Shall hold a Bachelor of Science degree in civil engineering. He shall have experience and technical knowledge in the repair and maintenance of buildings, building fabric, furniture, carpentry works, infrastructure and all other civil works.

Electrical Supervisor :

Three-year diploma mechanical Electrical Engineering with at least 7 years experience in operation and maintenance of HV/LV electrical distribution systems including HV busbars isolators, of which at least 5 years shall be in a similar supervisory position.

Electronics Supervisor:

Three-year Diploma in Electronics Engineering with at least 7 years experience in Operation and Maintenance of fire alarm, Security Alarm, UPS System, Security Systems, Electronics circuits and the like, of which at least 5 years shall be in a similar supervisory position.

Mechanical Supervisor:

Three-year Diploma in mechanical Engineering with at least 7 years experience in operation and maintenance of pumps, incinerators, air compressors, gas distribution system, potable &TSE Irrigation, water /drainage, kitchen and laundry equipment, sanitary wares and fittings, domestic appliances, gas fired boilers, electrically heated boilers, water softening plants, R.O systems and other mechanical works. Of the 7 years experience, at least 5 years shall be in a similar supervisory position.

HVAC Supervisor:

Three-year diploma in air-conditioning and refrigeration engineering with at least 7 years experience in operation maintenance and overhauling of chillers, cold rooms, refrigerators, freeze, split/window /package a/c units and chilled water systems etc. of the 5yers experience, at least 5years shall be in a similar supervisory position.

Civil Supervisor:

Three-year Diploma in civil engineering with at least 7 years experience in repair and maintenance of buildings, building fabric, furniture, carpentry woks infrastructure and all associated civil works of the 7years experience, at least 5 years be in a similar supervisory.

Project Manager:

Project Manager Profile listed for Sultan Qaboos University site, the prestigious single largest maintenance project in sultanate of Oman. O & M activities of the site are mainly into HVAC maintenance, Electrical, Mechanical and civil Services. Project Manager will have 370 + people always on the site with the structure of Engineers and Supervisors managing the entire O & M Operations person. For this profile he shall hold a bachelor's degree in Mechanical Engineering discipline and have a minimum of 10 years Senior Engineering Management Position out of which at least 7 years should be in handling same profile

If interested please send your CV to jmanglicmot@hotmail.com  or for more inquiries you may contact Jess at +968 95068117 / +96824496670

Attractive Salary Package awaits you!!!

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From: parkermail2uk@yahoo.com 

To  :  jobs_gulf_info@yahoo.com

Date: Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Category: 20 POSITIONS  IN A COMPANY, KUWAIT         (back to top)



1) Correspondence Secretary: Typing speed 40 + shorthand preferred.
2) A/C Technician: Diploma with 7 years experience.
3) Storekeeper: Diploma with 7 years experience.
4) Store Manager: Post Graduate with 7 year experience.
5) Mechanical Technician: Diploma with 7 years experience.
6) Section Head – Confectionery – Graduate with 7 years experience.
7) Machine Operator: Diploma with 7 years experience.
8) Lab technician: Graduate in Chemistry with Seven experience.
9) Maintenance Manager: Degree with 7 years experience.
10) Personnel Manager: Graduate / MBA with 5 years experience.
11) Logistic Assistant with import knowledge: 7 years experience.
12) Boiler Operator: 10 years experience.
13) Planning Cost Accountant: Graduate with 5 year experience.
14) Production Manager: 10 year experience in Sweet production.
15) Dispensing Personnel: 5 Year experience.
16) Quality Control: Diploma with 7 year experience in Sweet items.
17) Electrical Engineer: Degree with 3 year experience.
18) Electrical Technician: Diploma with 5 year experience.
19) Heavy duty Drivers: Licence with English Speaking.
20) Labours: Ability for heavy work.

a) Muslims Proffered
b) Gulf Returned proffered
c) Sweet Factory / Bakery / Products experience proffered.
c) Apply with clear contact number and e-mail ID.

Send your CV to: parkermail2uk@yahoo.com  and mentioned applied post in Subject.

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A leading Trading Company based in Riyadh, Al Khobar, Bahrain, Qatar and Abu Dhabi which offers one of the broadest assortments of wood and upholstered furniture’s, contemporary style residential & commercial solution, fabric, wall-systems, blinds, lighting system. curtains, professional interior designing and decoration services in the industry has immediate vacancies for

SALES ENGINEERS (5 positions)    (back to top) 

Requirements / Job Responsibilities:
• Bachelor’s degree (Civil or Business Administration).
• At least 2 years of professional sound experience in the construction & project management industry.
• Experience in the GCC is an advantage.
• Exposure to technical sales will be an advantage.
• Excellent technical skills and sound business sense,
• Fluency in English & Arabic languages is a must.
• Computer proficiency, Inter-personal effectiveness & presentation skills.
• Ability to perform as a team player
• Ability to achieve targets and adhere to deadlines.
• Pleasant personality with a mature demeanor.
• Valid driver’s license & transferable Iqama for Saudi Arabia. (Excellent remuneration package offered to competitive candidates).

If you meet the above job requirements, please send your CV with a recent photo to the attention of

The Human Resources Department
• E-mail: thehrjobs@yahoo.co.uk  within 10 days of this advertisement.

This job is appeared in Arab news 09.08.2007 also

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A growing Saudi Electro-Mechanical Company is looking for the following experienced staff:

1) Electromechanical Engineers,

2) Plumbers,

3) A/C Technician,

4) A/C Duct Fabricator,

5) Electrical Technician.

Suitable candidates send CV to E-mail: h.elnaizi@gmail.com  or Fax: 02-6060465.

This job is appeared in Arab news 09.08.2007 also

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NOTE : Those who fulfill the above given requirements should send their CVs to above
given address only...............Please dont send / cc to us ( jobs_gulf_info), we are
just passing job information to you ................we are not recruiting agents or
representative of any one


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