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Date: Wed, 25 Apr 2007

From: "Saifulla V" < saifusaifu@gmail.com  >

To: jobs_gulf_info@yahoo.com 

Subject: Part Time Arabic Data Entry (from your home)

Title: Part Time Arabic Data Entry (from your home)

Region: Jeddah Sharafiyya

I am looking for some professionals in Arabic Language to work at their home for data entreis.

Applicants must have the following:

*) Ability to read, understand and type handwritten Arabic scripts?

*) Ability to work independently in Arabic Language?

*) At least four or five hours to dedicate for this job daily.

*) Must be a resident of Jeddah?

*) Own a vehicle (or driver with vehicle for female applicants)?

*) PC and Internet connection at home?


Hard workers can earn more than SR. 5,000 per month.

aplly only those who can  read handwritten Arabic scripts,

 CV to:     "Saifulla V" < saifusaifu@gmail.com  >

just forward this mail to your Arab friends, who is looking for such jobs.

NOTE : Those who fulfill the above given requirements should send their CVs to above given address only...............Please dont send / cc to us ( jobs_gulf_info), we are just passing job information to you ................we are not recruiting agents or representative of any one