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Date: Sun, 22 Apr 2007

From: "job offersa" < joboffersa@yahoo.com  >

Subject: Open Positions in Saudi Arabia, Eastern Province

To: jobs_gulf_info@yahoo.com 

Asalam oo alaikom.

Dear Sir,

Could you kindly post the following required positions.

Network Engineer & System Administrator - (2 Candidates) [JCS001] [JCS002]

Job Description

The network engineer will be responsible for the design, installation, maintenance, support and
troubleshooting of computer networks within an organization or between organizations. The engineer
will be required to ensure smooth operation of data and communication networks providing maximum
performance and availability for their users. This engineer will be working as part of a networking


Graduate (or equivalent years of experience) in network, computer, or software related field.
2 or more Year of Work Related Experience.
Indian or Filipino.


Designing, Installing, Maintaining, Supporting and Troubleshooting of (server/client) computer
networks (LAN/WAN) hardware, software and network applications.
Knowledge about: Routers, Hubs, Switches, Repeaters, Firewalls, VPN, etc.
Good Understanding of Networking Technologies and Terminologies (TCP/IP, QOS, NAT, VPN, Firewalls,

Additional Skills

Collaborative & Team Work.
Good Analytical & Research Skills.
Good Planning, Implementation & Project Management Skills.
Good Written and Communication Skills.

Extra Bonuses:

Fiber Optics/Wireless/PoE/VoIP.
Cisco/A+/Microsoft/HP or any other network or software certifications or courses.
Network Security, Protection, Authorization, and Policy Management.


Computer & Network Technician (1 Candidate) [JCS003]

Job Description

The technician will be responsible for installation, maintenance, troubleshooting and support of
computers, peripherals, and computer networks. Escalating issues to Network Engineers as required.
The technician will be required for daily operation and monitoring tasks of computers, computer
networks and related devices. The technician will be working with a team of engineers.


Diploma, or equivalent certification or experience.
1 year or more of work related experience.


Understanding of computers, computer hardware, peripherals and networking.
Installing, Maintaining, Repair & Upgrading of computer hardware.

Additional Skills

Communication Skills

SEND YOUR CV TO: joboffersa@yahoo.com

Message from www.gulfjobsbank.com

Those who fulfill the above given requirements should send their CVs to above given address only...............Please dont send / cc to us ( jobs_gulf_info), we are just passing job information to you ................we are not recruiting agents or representative of any one


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