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Date: Sun, 8 Apr 2007

From: "Yasir A. Alvi" <leoheart222@yahoo.com >

Subject: Engineering Jobs with Visas in Saudia ( DAMMAM )

To: jobs_gulf_info@yahoo.com

One of our client requires following positions of ENGINEERING DISCIPLINE to fill

Clients have visas for the following Countries: Pakistan, India

HV Substation Project Managers

HV 132/230kV Project Manager responsible for all
Coordination with clients/suppliers/subcontractors
plan and control all projects activities, analyze all
projects risk, review drawings and submittals,
strong personality with high negotiation skills and
leadership capabilities, have good financial
background to control Cost, cash flow, invoicing,

QUALIFICATION : BSc (Minimum)Electrical Engineering

HV Substation Project Engineers

HV 132/230kV Project engineer support project
manager in all his activities, coordination with clients
suppliers, subcontractors, having good background
on substation equipment and components able to
plan and control all projects activities, review
drawings and submittals, strong personality

QUALIFICATION : BSc (Minimum)Electrical Engineering

HV Substation Tendering Engineers

HV 132/230kV Tendering Engineer having
experience in substation equipment type and
suppliers / sourcing, good knowledge in cost
cost estimation, tendering preparation, BOQ
estimation, technical & commercial negotiations,
Incoterms, risk analyses, cash flow preparation

QUALIFICATION : BSc (Minimum)Electrical Engineering

HV Substation Layout/Primary design Engineer

HV 132/230kV Primary engineer to prepare the S/S
design drawings for building layout, switchgear,
switchyard layout, cable duct banks/trays/ladders,
sizing calculations and BOQ for cables, Busbars,
cable accessories, bus bars, insulators, etc.

QUALIFICATION : BSc (Minimum)Electrical Engineering

HV Substation Protection Design Engineer

High Voltage (230,132 KV) Substation protection
and control design responsible for preparation of
protection schemes, protection logic diagrams,
interface engineering, control and power cable
schedules, relay setting calculation, CTs/PTs
sizing calculation, preparation of SCADA, SOE
DFR and annunciation point list, etc

QUALIFICATION : BSc (Minimum)Electrical Engineering

Substation Building Civil Design Engineer

Capable of doing all civil and structural design
running all design and structural calculation for
buildings & equipment foundation on STADIII program

QUALIFICATION : BSc (Minimum)Civil Engineering

Substation Mechanical Design Engineer

Capable of doing all mechanical design for
electrical substation buildings and running all
design calculation for plumbing, fire fighting, heat
ventilation and air-conditioning, etc.

QUALIFICATION : BSc (Minimum)Mechanical Engineering

Planning Engineer

Capable of doing all projects planning and
scheduling using Primavera and MS project
software including CPM with experience on cost
control, budgeting, generate all type of reports
preferably on electrical substations projects

QUALIFICATION : BSc (Minimum)Electrical Engineering

Commissioning Engineers

Having knowledge in HV substation equipment
able to read all design drawings and protection
schemes, having long experience in testing and
commissioning of power transformers, circuit breakers
Protective relays (distance, differential) , Control
schemes, current/voltage transformers, AC/DC
inverters/battery/chargers, power cables
Busbar / Transformers stability testing, functional
check, Hi Pot testing, generate marked up drawings,

QUALIFICATION : BSc (Minimum)Electrical Engineering

Safety Officer

Implement the approved loss prevention program
Insure all site staff adhere to all safety measure
and rules, insure all site staff have appropriate gate
passes and required IDs for personnel and equipment
Report on weekly basis all safety issues and conduct
safety meetings with all subcontractors.


Quality Control Engineer / Officer

Prepare request for inspection and follow up the
same wit client and subcontractor, follow up
factory test plans and obtain the same from vendor
ensuring correct equipment and at site, prepare
related delivery notes and getting them signed from
client, follow up all clients comments recorded in
the site log book ensuring closing the same,
ensuring implementation of Power Division Quality/
ISO Procedures.


Electrical Site Engineer

Having long experience in managing substations
installation works, guide the team for installation
all major equipment such as power transformers,
HV 132kV switchgear, relay/control panels,
13.8kV metal clad switchgear, disconnect switches,
surge arresters, distribution boards, battery and
chargers. Receive all materials and plan all
requirements for successful installations.

QUALIFICATION : BSc (Minimum)Electrical Engineering

Civil Site Engineer

Having long experience in managing substations
civil works, equipment foundations, cable trenches,
duct banks, manholes, hand holes, cable openings
coordinate with all involved parties (client, consultant,
project manger, etc.)
Plan and control all civil site activities.

QUALIFICATION : BSc (Minimum)Civil Engineering

Civil Forman

Having long experience in leading civil team in
civil substations, long experience and wide knowledge
in all duct banks, manholes, hand holes, cable
openings and equipment foundations. Provide all
required support to the site civil engineer


Commissioning Technicians

Having long experience in supporting substation
testing and commissioning, doing wiring check,
scheme check, able to carry out simple electrical
testing for current transformers, voltage transformers
cable megering test, AC/DC testing


Installation Technicians

Having long experience in installation and erection
of Substation equipment including power
transformers, indoor/outdoor 132kV switchgear,




GENERAL CONDITIONS for all above jobs

- minimum experience 2 years required

- probation period = 3 months

- Maximum age limit for all jobs 45 years except

                    HV Substation Project Engineers,
                    HV Substation Tendering Engineers

                    35 years

Clients have visas for the following Countries: Pakistan, India

*Email: Jobsinksa@WorkChain.com

Please note the following:

All CV's Emailed should mention only Position Name in the Subject field of Email.
* Email: Jobsinksa@WorkChain.com 


Yasir A. Alvi" < leoheart222@yahoo.com  >

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