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JOB OPENINGS in Khaleej Times (ENGLISH DAILY OF UAE) for : AUGUST 05, 2007 -  SUNDAY - part 2
You may not need These jobs but it may be of interest to someone around you. So pass it to Others. It is easy to help others.
NOTE : Please don’t forget to add Area Code (971 for UAE ) (966 Saudi Arabia), (965 Kuwait), ( Bahrain 973) (Qatar974) , (968 Oman) before you call or send Fax from other country
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For Job Openings of Khaleej Times – August 05, 2007

Posted On : 5 August 2007


Total Human Resource Solutions

P.O Box. 27495 Abu Dhabi, UAE

Tel. 00971-2-6768558

Only CV's sent by E-mail will be considered

The Success of any Organization depends on its work force


please contact enquiries@abcrecruitment.ae


Our Client, a semi government organization is seeking to fill in the following posts immediately:

HR MANAGER - UAE Nationals Only

Salary: AED60-75000 per month

HR CONSULTANT (Permanent Contract) Open to all Nationalities

Salary: AED 40 - 55000 per month.


Min 5 year experience in a similar role

Salary: AED (30 - 40) Total per month.



Open to all Nationalities

Salary: AED 60- 75000 per month


Open to all nationalities

Salary: AED 25-35000 per month.


Open to all Nationalities

Salary: AED 40 - 55000 per month.


Open to all nationalities

Salary: AED 25 - 35000 per month.


Open to all nationalities.

Salary: AED 40 - 55000 per month.


Open to all nationalities

Salary: AED 25 - 35000 per month.


Open to all nationalities

Salary: AED25 - 35000 per month.


(Tourism Sector)

Open to all nationalities.

Salary: AED 25 - 35000 per month.


(Tourism Sector)

Open to all nationalities

Salary: AED 40 - 50000 per month.

The above positions are based in Abu Dhabi. Interested candidates may send in their resume to: premila@abcrecruitment.ae


Arabic speaking only.

On behalf of our client, a reputed consultants handling construction projects based in Dubai, we are looking to hire a young and motivated Receptionist. The ideal candidate should hold a high school certificate with at least 1-2 years experience in similar role, he/she will answer customer's calls and make sure that their requests are answered, greeting visitors and directing them to the right contact and provide admin support whenever required. Excellent communication skills and MS office skills is a must.

This position is based in Dubai

Salary: Dhs6000 +full medical insurance +annual ticket.

Timing: 09.00am 6:00pm / 5 days a week.

Confident candidates with pleasant personality and good telephone manners may forward their resume to: premila@abcrecruitment.ae


Our client a leading Oil and Gas Company seeks to recruit for the following:



Takes measure to help protect and maintain confidentiality, integrity, and availability of Company data and information systems from internal/ external threats by adopting best IT security practices in the industry.
Leads, and implements the design of information security architectures, implements/maintain IT Security Policies & Procedures, administers monitors Company Information Security infrastructure systems, ad reports and security violation and IT Security risk in order to help protect Company computing and networking environment.
Maximum Requirements
Bachelor Degree in Computer Engineering or equivalent.
Very Good knowledge of English & Arabic.
6-7 years experience in the field of Technical Support of which two years are involved in IT Security.
Age 35-45
Other Benefits
38 days paid leave with passage within a calendar year.
Economy return ticket for the wife and up to 4 children not reaching 18th birthday.
Entitlement for unfurnished family accommodation at a cost ranging from Dhs. 75,00 -115,000 depending on the size of the family plus Furniture Purchase allowance.
Educational Assistance: for tuition fees and cost of books for education in Abu Dhabi or abroad, the maximum levels of this assistance per child per year is Dhs. 10,000/- maximum number of children is three between the age of 5 not reaching 18th birthday.
Industrial Insurance is provided by the Company whilst on duty.
End of Service Benefit: One month salary for each of the first 3 years of service. One and a half months salary for each subsequent year of service.
Free primary medical care.
This position is based in Abu Dhabi.

Interested candidates email your Resume to: habib@abcrecruitment.ae


Our client, a leading name in oil/gas sector seeks to recruit for the following positions:


The ideal candidate should possess a 2 year full time training in telecommunication and a minimum of 5 years directly related experience in the repair and maintenance of telecommunications equipment as referred below:

Carries out the skilled maintenance and repair of Company telecommunications equipment such as Fibre Optic systems & networks, PA/GA systems, CCTV systems, Microwave systems, VHF/UHF narrow-band radio systems, LAN networks, PABX systems & networks, Audio/Visual systems, Entertainment systems, Structured cabling, Power supplies etc.

The ideal candidate should hold a bachelor degree in Engineering discipline or equivalent. P.C. literate in relevant software with 12 plus years operations experience within a similar Oil & Gas environment preferably with pipeline operations experience as referred below:

Supports offshore operations and Field operations on their short/long term requirements. Prepares contract documentation (work scopes, equipment, manpower requirements) for the section as required. May involve inter-departmental co-ordination subject to the work scope and objectives as set by the Department and Division.
Develops procedures (operational, quality, environmental, and administrative) in accordance with the Department's requirements ensuring full compliance with OPCO Policies and Procedures.
Liaises with concerned Departments and coordinates implementation of approved work activities and projects.
Reviews & prepares operational strategies in line with Departmental and Divisional targets and objectives.
Both the above positions are based in Qatar

Salary for both positions will be one of the best in the industry

Interested candidates can forward their resume to: siddik@abcrecruitment.ae



Our client, a reputed engineering company is seeking to recruit the above.

The potential candidate would report to the head of procurement department and will be responsible for the following:

Instill confidence in Technical Procurement's ability to meet required Service Level Agreements set for Engineering Services in an efficient and effective manner while meeting the highest standards in terms of quality
Work in accordance with Technical Services contract policies, processes, procedures, guidelines and controls, developing these when required and as appropriate. Ensure Technical Services meet purchase targets in line with best practice standards
Encourage the Technical Procurement team to work together and meet demanding targets in line with purchase and budget targets
Familiar with tendering processes so that the preferred bidders are fully informed and encouraged to provide low cost, fast track bids that will meet the specification
Contracts are placed and perform in line with Purchase Order requests, Department budgets, supplier availability, cost, time and specification targets
Assist the logistics operation in terms of tracking Purchase Orders and supplier deliveries in line with contract processing so that the originator of the Purchase Order is fully informed of progress in the delivery of requirements
Supplier database accurately records performance of contracts so that preferred suppliers are easily identified and preferred contracts are structured to best meet user needs
Prepare and submit budget plans, work within the budget constraints without adversely affecting quality of contracts, ensure actual meets the agree budget
Resolve operational day-to-day internal/external customer contract and supply problems as applied within Technical Procurement which ensures a highly efficient, effective and quality service is extended
Maintain an extensive network of external supplier contacts (see 5 below) to ensure that contract operations operate effectively and efficiently with minimum delay
Minimum Qualifications:

BSc in a relevant technical function, post graduate training in Technical based contract management ,5 years experience in arena of Tendering, Contract negotiation and order placement in an integrated technical/commercial environment, showing strong business acumen and Knowledge of tendering processes, contract negotiation, pricing formulas, time management and logistic/engineering services.

Salary: Negotiable

This position is based in Abu Dhabi

Interested candidates may forward their resume to: siddik@abcrecruitment.ae



Our Client, a reputed real estate organization is looking to hire the services of a recruitment specialist on a permanent basis. The Recruitment Specialist will provide full recruitment service including screening, interviewing, negotiating offers etc. The ideal candidate should have related qualification with 5-6 years experience in recruiting various senior level personnel in engineering, construction, technical and other specialized fields. He must possess excellent communication skills. Arabic language would be an advantage. Arabs or western candidates preferred.

This position is based in Abu Dhabi

Salary: AED25000-28000+benefits


Interested candidates forward your resume to: premila@abcrecruitment.ae


Females candidates only

Summer holidays are on and the demand for temporary cover is on the increase. On behalf of our multinational and local clients, we are looking for Receptionists, Secretaries, PA's, and Office Managers to provide the administration support during the busy season.

Only candidates on husband's and father's sponsorship will be considered for the position.

If you're interested, please respond to: premila@abcrecruitment.ae


UK / US/AUS/SA nationals only.

Our client, a leading and reputed consultants in Abu Dhabi, is looking to hire a young and motivated receptionist. The ideal candidate must be a graduate having at least 1-2 years experience in similar role, pleasant personality and good telephone manners. Visa will be provided if required.

This position is based in Abu Dhabi

Salary: Dhs6000+Medical insurance + Ticket.

Timing: 09-600pm / 5 days a week.

Confident candidates with excellent computer and communication skills and ability to work under pressure may send their resume to: premila@abcrecruitment.ae


Our client, a major investment company is looking to hire the above position on a permanent basis for their translation Services unit. Reporting to the senior translator the ideal candidate will:

Translate various documents and presentations from English to Arabic and vice versa.
Copy writes Arabic / translated texts in a literary elegant style.
Prove efficiency in managing all types of texts as to generate new consistent texts that do not look translated versions.
Provide clients with a grammatically correct, well-expressed final version of the translated text.
Retain and develop specialist knowledge on specific areas of translation such as legal, scientific, advertising etc.
Build client knowledge in order to incorporate client preferences and specific terminology.
Work with the entire translation team to ensure efficient delivery of duties and responsibilities for the Client.
Ensure all translation practices meet the contractual confidentiality requirements.
The potential candidate will be a degree holder and will have had a minimum 5 years of experience in a similar role.

This position is based in Abu Dhabi.

Salary: AED 10000

Timings: 9am - 5pm, Sunday through Thursday

Interested candidates forward your resume to: premila@abcrecruitment.ae

Email - enquiries@abcrecruitment.ae

Visit our Website for more jobs and Details:-



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For Job Openings of Khaleej Times – August 05, 2007


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