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JOB OPENINGS in Gulf Times  (ENGLISH DAILY OF QATAR) for : APRIL 29, 2017 -  SATURDAY   PS: Don't forget to share this mail with your friends everywhere who might know someone looking for a job.

Please add Area Code (971 for UAE ) (966 Saudi Arabia), (965 Kuwait), ( Bahrain 973) (QATAR974) , (968 Oman) before you call or send Fax from other country, MOST JOBS ARE FOR UAE, IF NOT COUNTRY AND CODE IS MENTIONED




Job # 1

Private female Tutor

Urgently needed Private female Tutor for
Grade 12 (English - Social studies)
Exam preparation, British Curriculum.
House location - New Salata.

Please call: 55908200 between 8am - 5pm.


***** ***** *****

Job # 2



A Leading Super market looking for experienced female cashiers (Philipino, Nepal, India).

Contact: 55404302, 66494113,

***** ***** *****

Job # 3



Salary + Commission. Qatar Market experience and valid Qatar driving licence is must.

Send CV to:

***** ***** *****

Job # 4


A University degree holder in Civil engineering with 5 - 10 years’ experience indesign of scaffolding & formwork systems. Previous experience in RMD, SGB, Peri or similar scaffolding & formwork systems is desirable. Having excellent English language & communication skills. Candidates with transferable visa / NOC may please apply to:

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