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Job# 1



Incumbent should have minimum 3 years of experience in relevant industries:

Gas phase filtration & odour control
Water purification
Lube oil filtration

Attractive package with sales commission offered

Saudis preferred & persons with Transferable Iqama should only apply

Sales persons with proven track record of their achievement need to email their CVs to the following:


***** ***** ***** *****

Job# 2



J&P (Saudi Arabia) Ltd. is seeking to employ

Candidates with at least 5-15 years of experience in procurement of Civil, Building Construction Materials. Candidates to be able to prepare schedule of materials, review contract documents, prepare inquiries and obtain quotations. Evaluate quotations technically and commercially, prepare subcontract agreements.

Candidates must be team players and possess effective communication, negotiation and leadership skills

Applications, accompanied by CVs should be sent by email to:

Email: / 

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