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Job# 1



Panda, KSA

You will be responsible for establishing and maintaining strong business partnerships and cross-functional relationships to provide decision support, as well as, collaborating with business partners to deliver accurate and timely results, including relevant variance explanations.

HR MANAGER - Ref: JB3560914

Al-Bawardi Group, KSA

You will be responsible for implementing and annually updating compensation program, rewriting job descriptions as necessary, as well as, conducting annual salary surveys and developing merit pools.


Lenovo, KSA

You will be responsible for developing the business strategy and having end to end ownership and accountability for relationship that includes complete ownership of the sales process.


Menasa and Partners, KSA

You will be responsible for leading and managing the project controls team, developing and implementing the project controls execution strategy to achieve the contract requirements, and coordinating with program management team on all aspects of project controls.

IT TECHNICAL SUPPORT (Saudi Nationality Only) – Ref: JB3561595


You will be responsible for planning, organizing, directing, controlling and evaluating the operations of information systems and electronic data processing (EDP), as well as, developing and implementing policies and procedures for electronic data processing and computer systems operations and development.

QA/QC MANGER – Ref: JB50130683

Propel Consult, KSA

You will be responsible for reporting to Project Director and the Senior Technical Manager and you will responsible for monitoring / managing compliance with QA and QC processes, procedures and deliverables for eleven public hospital projects at various stages of construction.

ACCOUNTANT - Ref: JB3561687

Tadawul, KSA

You will be responsible for following daily operations relating to your own job to ensure work continuity, as well as, contributing to preparing timely and accurate reports that concern the Department’s line of work to meet the requirements, objectives, and standards of the Exchange and the department.


Sunbulah Group, KUWAIT

You will be responsible for preparing the required official documents for shipments including complete process of legalizations, preparing / booking the required transportation to dispatch the shipments, and ensuring having the container / truck optimization.


Al Safwa Cement Company, KSA

You will be responsible for applying the medical insurance for the new employee, as well as, preparing new employees file, coordinating employee’s vacations in alignment with the company’s policies, and monitoring company time attendance in alignment with C & B.

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Job# 2


Looking for a female Biology, English Tuitor for Grade 11 who is willing to come to our home in Exit 5, Riyadh, in week 2 days

We need someone who understands the curriculum of the American International School. Female from any Nationality


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