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FEAR ALLAH, if you want to be an intelligent man
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DO WELL TO OTHERS FOR ALLAH'S SAKE, if you want to follow straight path
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The person who cares for the orphan and I will be in Paradise together like this". Then he put his index finger and his middle finger together. (Al Bukhaaree, 10/365)
ALLAH (sub) said in the Holy Quran: Who is he that will loan to ALLAH a beautiful loan ? For (Allah) will increase it manifold to his credit, and he will have (besides) a generous reward - 57:11
Whoever takes care of the widow and the poor person is like the Mujaahid in the way of Allah". The narrator added, "And I think he said, 'Like the person who stands at night in prayer without relaxing, and the one who fasts and never breaks his fast. (Al- Bukhari 10/366)

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Job postings by NewsPapers:         
Jan 01, 2007 to date 
Arab News (Saudi Arabia )     Arab Times (Kuwait)    Khaleej Times (UAE )    Miscellaneous from Members / Friends
Gulf  News - U A E  (Accountancy)  ;  (Auto Industry)      (Health Beauty & Fitness)     ( Catering )      (Computer & IT)     (Education)  ; (Engineering & Technical )        (Medical)    (Managerial & Supervisory)      ( Sales & Marketing)      (Secretarial & Office Work)        (Tailoring)      (Skilled Labour )      (Miscellaneous) 

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Job Openings in Arab News (English Daily of Saudi Arabia) as on: DECEMBER 27, 2007 - THURSDAY
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Please add Area Code (966 Saudia) before you call or send Fax from other country. If vacancy is for other than Saudi Arabia, then Country code is added with Tel No: / Fax No: NOTE: Most of the jobs for Saudi Arabia,  Country and Code is mentioned if other than Saudi Arabia


Urgently required well-experienced


who can install and repair sound systems such as speakers, amplifiers, powered mixers, microphones, etc. Candidate must be with transferable Iqama.

Fax CV at: 02-6683352. JEDDAH


Jobs available in Canada:






Auto Mechanic.

Apply to: ABM Placement Services, 705 Lawrence Avenue West # 205, Toronto, Ontario, M6A 1B4, Canada. Phone (001) 416-913-4700, Fax: (001) 905-303-1030, E-mail:   


A reputable software company wants to recruit:

Senior Development Engineer.


I) Solid programming experience in .NET, C++, VB, ASP.NET, II) Experience on Microsoft CRM, .NET, SQL and Oracle is a plus, III) Excellent communication skills in English and Arabic.

Send CV to E-mail: 


A travel agency located in Alkhobar (SAUDI ARABIA ) requires well-experienced staff for the following positions:


Counter Staff

Accounting Staff.

Experience in travel agency required.

Suitable candidates send CV to Fax: 03-8692927.


A reputable seafood company requires experienced

Refrigeration & AC Technician

(installation and maintenance of cold stores, chillers, refrigeration equipment with hermetic and screw compressors) and

Industrial Electrician.

Transferable Iqama must. Fax CV to: (03) 8526838 Eastern Province of Saudi Arabia

or E-mail to:


Urgently required

Sales Executives (full-time/part-time)

for travel and tourism organization based in Kerala, for their Saudi operations in Jeddah, Yanbu, Riyadh, Jubail, Dammam and Al-Hasa (Saudi Arabia )

Contact Mobile: 0505872730, 0507219217 or

E-mail to:


A manufacturing company in DAMAM, SAUDI ARABIA is looking for qualified


With 2 years of work experience in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

Interested applicants should send detailed CV to:

- or thru fax to: 00-973-1-7830166


Brunel Energy provides specialist knowledge to the international oil & gas, petrochemical, power generation and construction industries. Our clients are predominantly major operating companies and international engineering or construction companies.
Our Vision:
To ensure the right knowledge at the right place, at the right time.

Why Choose Brunel?
Our philosophy is to foster strong relationships to achieve successful project realizations. Brunel’s global capability covers any project regardless of scope or nature.

What Brunel Brings as a Partner
• Global database of professionals and specialists in various disciplines including Geo Science, Drilling, Engineering, Construction and Fabrication, Quality Assurance, Inspection, Production and Maintenance and Training
• Offices located worldwide offering a broad scope of services and networks
• Consistent and transparent employment contracts for all personnel
• Expert legal and tax counsel to provide advice on local and international conditions
• Available staff to supply face to face personnel and administration support including payroll, insurance, visa and travel advice
• Support by our publicly listed parent company – Brunel International N.V.
• A wealth of experience and an excellent track record in Human Resource services, since 1975
A World of Difference
In a world where smart and flexible resourcing solutions are the key to your business’ success, organizations are in constant competition to attract the most talented personnel.
Engaging the most efficient, global reaching recruitment and resourcing partner is crucial.
The employment of the best, not just best available, people will optimise your opportunities for success.

Brunel - The Difference
Brunel distinguishes itself by providing recruitment and resourcing services and solutions that enhance efficiency and add value to our clients’ businesses. By developing close working relationships in the spirit of partnering, Brunel is able to fully undetstand and appreciate our clients’ aims and ambitions.
Brunel takes a global approach to workforce integration and as such operates through local offices with international reach and networks. This bold strategy is in line with worldwide market requirements and the expansion of our clients’ needs.
Each operating unit is able to provide the required specialist and to respond to the changing demands of each local market. Benefiting from tailor-made solutions and short lines of communication, our permanent consultants can respond quickly and accurately to meet changing demands.

Our Client, one of the largest LNG Company in the World, acts as an operating company, for and on behalf of its project shareholders. Its personnel manage supervise the design, construction and operation of a range of world-class projects in the natural gas industry.

To keep pace with the ever expanding activities of various project groups and operations in Qatar, our Client invites candidatures of experienced and qualified professionals for the following vacancies.

Machinery and Reliability Engineer

Degree in Mechanical Engineering or equivalent Strong Analytical skills. Business Communication skills (reports, presentations, etc.). Team Player and coach. Be able to work with group. At least 10 years experience with machinery engineering, operations and maintenance in Oil & Gas industry, preferably with heavy machineries in LNG and LPG processing plants. Extensive and intensive experience and exposure to “hands-on’ work on the inspection, disassembly and re-assembly of rotating equipment. This includes balancing, alignment and bore scope inspections. Highly experienced in root cause failure analysis and troubleshooting of machineries

Maintenance Engineer (Electrical)

B.Sc in Electrical Engineering. Mm 8 years of hands-on experience in field related to installation, maintenance and troubleshooting of electrical equipments. Knowledge of SAP. Familiar with electrical softwares of G.E. ABS. & Alstom Develop electrical procedures. Develop electrical Scope Of work for short & long term Contract Using Electrical power tools or equivalent for electrical data base analysis. Support Continuous Improvement by identification, generating ideas, harvesting and evaluation of projects Familiar with turbine Generators associated with GIS switch gear, UPS, VF drive motors, HV and LV motors, Electrical Integrated Control system. GE Multilin protection relays

Senior Materials Engineer

B.Sc in Engineering (Mech, Elec Instruments. Metallurgical etc) or equivalent Mm 10 years experience in Oil & Gas / Process / Chemical / mining industries etc with at least 5 years in supervisory position Very good understanding of codes such as ASTM/ASME, codes. etc relating to a variety of equipment Static/rotating Electrical. Piping Materials. Valves etc) Experience in development and maintenance of Critical equipment Spare parts and Interchange ability registers determination of Stock and EDO levels using statistical methodologies understanding of MSDS documentation requirements, implementation of QMS such as ISO 9000 etc Knowledge of SAP MM & PM Modules including use of Spreadsheets Database Systems etc

Workshop Supervisor

Possesses higher national certificate or equivalent with 15 years of experience in field of mechanical/rotating equipment repair and testing with at least 5 years in Supervisory level Knowledge of various Oil & Gas machine shop and heavy equipment Knowledge of SAP Superior interpersonal skills with a strong customer focus approach Good knowledge in machinery diagnostics and adept knowledge in the different facets of Maintenance Deep understanding in the use of all Measuring instruments and can provide leadership in field Maintenance lobs Must be able to handle projects within the Workshop and maximized Manpower utilization using lime-motion study

Machinery & Reliability Supervisor

Possesses higher national certificate or equivalent with 15 years of experience in Oil & Gas field machinery & rotating equipment with at least 5 years in Supervisory level Knowledge of various Oil & Gas machinery/rotating equipment and control Knowledge of SAP

Fire/Gas & Analyzer Supervisor

Secondary school education plus a 3 -5 year technical diploma in Instrumentation or Electronics 10 years of maintenance experience with at least 5 years on on-line analyzers & two to three years in a supervisory position in a diversified oil & gas processing or petrochemical plants. Good knowledge of micro-processor based complex on-line process analyzers such as gas chromatographs. continuous emission monitoring systems water quality analyzers and good understanding of analyzer networking analyzer data acquisition systems and personnel computer based work stations as applied to on-line analytical systems Knowledge of field instruments gas & liquid sample conditioning techniques and analytical principles Should understand P&lDs loop & analyzer network drawings function block Cause & Effect and logic diagrams Knowledge of SAP


Secondary school education together with an Engineering Diploma Mm 5 years scheduling experience in a maintenance environment of a major oil/gas Processing Plant Knowledge of planning system software computer based maintenance systems and other spreadsheet and data base systems Experience with SAP P 3 PM and MM Modules would be advantageous Familiar with maintenance routines for Processing Plant Familiar with Permit to Work systems

Planning Engineer - Shutdown

Knowledge of a variety of technical planning software and maintenance management and materials software Knowledge of preventive and predictive maintenance systems . performance measures and their applications Exposure to ISO 9002 and transactional environment of Asset Management software like AIM EDMS Knowledge of Engineering codes standards and practices is a necessity to evaluate planning requirements for engineering protects Ability to understand specifications and contract documentation Bachelor’s degree in Engineering or equivalent Proficient in projects shutdown schedule monitoring and control Excellent skills in planning software applications e g. Primavera Project Planner and MS Project Experience in CMMS applications such as SAP Exposure to development of Computerized Maintenance Protect Management Systems in the area of function inputs is an advantage Mm 10 years planning and coordination experience/skills Strong interpersonal coordination skills and the ability to engage multifunctional groups. Ability to handle competing priorities and persistence to overcome obstacles Good leadership and interpersonal skills and ability to work as a team member. Good adaptability to multi-national environments with exposure to various cultures and customs.

Maintenance Asset Coordinator

Over 15 years of diversified experience in the OIL & Gas sector with at least 5 years at the Supervisory level Knowledge of SAP systems Excellent leadership and interpersonal ski Is and ability to work in a team atmosphere Knowledge of various Oil & Gas Processes and ability to apply this knowledge to execute a project on t me and in a safe manner Requires a good deal of field maintenance knowledge and know how a’ the sate operations of all major equipment

Shutdown Coordinators - Operations

Degree in Chemical Process Engineering or Equivalent with knowledge & experience in a multi discipline environment Good knowledge of Equipment & Operational procedures associated with Utilities & Process Hydrocarbons plants Good interpersonal skills and ability to work with & lead a team Good adaptability to multinational environment with wide exposure to various cultures and customs Ability to use maintenance management system (SAP 1 PM Modules Mm 8-10 years diversified experience in a Petrochemical processor LNG plant including shutdown planning / preparation, execution & start-up . Minimum 8 years supervisory level experience Extensive experience of all equipment and systems , associated with the Oil & as Industry with shutdown focused work experience Good exposure to OMS concepts of ISO 9000 Series

Head of Measurement and Controls:

Engineering Degree in Electrical or Instrumentation About 15 years of maintenance/engineering experience in Control On-line Analyses and Metering Systems associated with large oil and gas or petrochemical industry, preferably with production maintenance background and 10 years in senior supervisory position Strong exposure to oil and gas industry control. on-line analyzer metering system tank gauging and fire &gas maintenance practices Independently handled wide-ranging lobs in I & C systems associated with large oil & gas or petrochemical industries Experience in Distributed Control Emergency Shut Down, HIPPS PLC based control their network & integration techniques micro-processor based complex on-line process analyzers such as gas chromatographs continuous emission monitoring systems analyzer data acquisition systems custody transfer/fiscal measurement metering systems. control networks & integration techniques Knowledge of instrumentation related international & industry standards. grass root project specifications.

Controls Technologist

Secondary school education plus a 3- 5 year technical diploma in Instrumentation or Electronics Mm 10 years of maintenance experience with at least 5 years in a responsible position handling critical control systems activities in a diversified oil & gas processing or petrochemical plants Should have hands-on experience with trouble shooting hardware & software failures, issues & problems with the control systems & associated equipment and perform routine control system maintenance activities such as back ups & system health monitoring Clear understanding of various regulatory control concepts such as feedback, feed forward. PID cascade, ratio, override split range on-off sequential emergency shutdown and signal bypasses Understanding of P&lDs Complex Loop Drawings, Functional Logic Diagrams and C&E Matrix Familiar with PLC programming languages such as Ladder Logic Structured Text and Functional Block Knowledge of network communication equipment such as hubs, switches routers, fiber optic converters etc and modbus & Ethernet is essential and knowledge of flow pressure temperature and level measurements and all types of control valves and their operation very advantageous

Shutdown Coordinator

Degree in Engineering or Equivalent with knowledge & experience in a multi discipline environment Good knowledge of Equipment & Maintenance procedures associated with Utilities & Process Hydrocarbons plants Mm. 8-10 years diversified experience in the overhaul of Petrochemical process or LNG plant, including shutdown planning/preparation and execution. Mm 8 years supervisory level experience

Rigging Supervisor

Higher Technical Education or Higher National certificate holder from a reputable institution in Heavy Equipment mechanics. Lifting
operation and Formal Training in Industrial Heavy Overhead Cranes Repair and Maintenance. Understands all standards related to
Industrial Cranes and Lifting equipment. Familiarity with use of Permit to Work Systems and Commitment to Safe Work practices. Minimum 5 years experience in Maintenance and Repair of all Industrial Cranes. Demonstrated experience of trouble-shooting and repair in a range of heavy vehicle systems, specifically Mobile & Fixed Cranes including Hydraulic system, electronic, pneumatic booming and Rigging gear. Experience of Maintenance planning and Spare parts Management

HVAC Supervisor

Higher Technical Education or Higher National certificate holder from a reputable institution in Refrigeration and Air Conditioning. Must have a minimum of 10 years extensive experience in the Maintenance of HVAC equipment, 5 years of which must be in a Supervisory capacity. Knowledge of BMS Softwares. Able to systematically recognize and diagnose causes of failure and must be able to conduct Performance test to check Efficiency level. Excellent Planning specifically Spare Parts Management and Leadership skills. Good understanding of Electrical circuits. Familiarity with Permit to Work system and Equipment Isolation/Lockout system.

Painting Supervisor

Completed Higher Technical Education or Higher National certificate holder with a Painting qualification Level II or NACE or Equivalent. Mm. 8 years experience in an Oil & Gas or related environment, 5 years of which are in Supervisory Level. Proficient in preparation and painting of all surfaces both metal and non-metal on Utility and Process equipment in a Hydrocarbon processing environment. Knowledgeable in various paint types and applications. Maintenance aptitude in Painting equipment, guns and grinders and blasting equipment Excellent Planning specifically Spare Parts Management, Proactive Planning and Leadership skills.

Scaffolding Supervisor

Engineering. Degree in Civil or Higher National certificate holder with at least 5 to 10 years of extensive experience in Scaffolding. Highly skilled Scaffolding Supervisor and with relevant Trainings. Proficient in the preparation, erecting and dismantling of Scaffolding materials. Knowledgeable in various Scaffolding material types and applications. Excellent Planning specifically Spare Parts Management, Proactive Planning and Leadership skills. Cost control awareness is an advantage.

Lead Analyzer and F&G Technician (Minimum 10 years experience)

Analyzer and F&G Technician (Minimum 5 years experience)

Secondary school education plus a 3 - 5 year technical diploma or certificate in Instrumentation or Electronics from a recognized institution. Maintenance experience on on-line analyzers in a diversified oil & gas processing or petrochemical plants. Good knowledge of micro-processor based complex on-line process analyzers such as gas chromatographs, continuous emission monitoring systems, water quality analysers and analyzer data acquisition systems. Good knowledge of field instruments, gas & liquid sample conditioning techniques and analytical principles such as chromatographic separation, UV and Lead Acetate based H2S measurement, IRIUV absorption, aluminum oxide& piezoelectric moisture, paramagnetic and zirconium cell based oxygen and electrochemical principles behind pH, conductivity, ORP & dissolved oxygen. Should be able to independently trouble shoot failures, problems and issues with sample systems and complex analyzers such as gas chromatographs, spectro-photometiic and moisture analyzers. Should be able to understand Piping & Instrumentation Diagrams, loop & analyzer network drawings, simple function block and logic diagrams.

Lead Instrument Technician

Completed secondary education with a technical diploma or certificate from a recognized institution. Mm. 10 years experience in maintenance work in the oil and gas sector, with particular expertise in process control related field instrumentation and at least 2 to 3 years in supervisory position. Good Knowledge in DCS, TMR. ESD, Metering, F&G and Analyzer, Speedtronic Mark V and VI systems, Bently Nevada Vibration Monitoring systems, Tank Gauging Systems, Control systems, Modicon PLC. Computer literate with a knowledge of SAP and commonly used business software applications. An understanding of sequence logic control and PLCs and real-time computer programming techniques. Able to Read P&l Diagram, Functional! Ladder Logic Diagrams, Cause & Effect diagrams, Process flow diagrams.

Lead CMMS Technician – SAP

Bachelors degree in Science and or a Diploma in Engineering Excellent Computing skills especially in SAP, MS Excel , PowerPoint etc. Min 4 years Experience with SAP. Minimum 5 years varied experience in the development and Use of computer systems dedicated to Assets and Facilities Management and System, in oil and gas industry.

Lead Machinery Technician (Minimum 8 years experience)

Turbo / Machinery Technician (Minimum 5 years experience)

Completion of Secondary (12 years) education. Minimum of 5 years experience in mechanical rotating/machinery maintenance work in the oil and gas industry. The jobholder should be fully qualified to maintain and overhauling of machinery! rotating equipment in the plant include but are not limited to centrifugal and reciprocating compressors, centrifugal and reciprocating pumps, Hydraulic turbine! turbine expander fin fans and blowers, MOV and familiar with GE gas turbine frame 5,6 & 7. Familiar with all type of alignment method. Ability to undertake mechanical seal assembly, disassembly and installation procedure. Computer literate with knowledge of SAP and commonly used business sofrware applications .

Lead Metering Technician (Minimum 10 years experience)

Metering Technician (Minimum 5 years experience)

Secondary school education plus a three to five year technical certificate or diploma in Instrumentation or Electronics from a recognized institution. Maintenance experience in instrumentation with experience in fiscal/allocation metering and tank gauging systems in a diversified oil and gas or petrochemical plants. Well versed in techniques and devices used for measurement of different process variables such as flow, temperature, pressure, density, level and composition. Specific knowledge of DP based (senior orifice, venturi, annubar v-cone), Ultrasonic, Turbine, Coriolis and Vortex flow and conventional, servo & radar based level. Good understanding of specific maintenance practices of Gas & Liquid Fiscal/Custody Metering and Tank Gauging Systems and meter validation techniques such as proving & master meter methods. Should be able to understand Piping & Instrumentation Diagrams, loop drawings and simple function block & logic diagrams. Good in shooting primary and secondary instruments, microprocessor based flow computers. Experience with Omni. lmtech & Daniel flow computers and associated supervisory systems and Enraf Tank Gauging Systems is highly preferred. Clear understanding of various units of measurements & their conversions and uncertainty concepts and knowledge of equations & algorithms used inflow computers and health monitoring concepts is preferred.


At least 2 years experience in sling loads. Must be a holder of a valid certificate of Competence, issued by an internationally recognized body as an A-i rigger Able to identify lifting gears required for a particular lifting. Well-versed in International/Standard lilting signals. Able to perform lifting and Rigging of all equipment and material, irregardless of the Capacity and difficulty. He must be proficient in English, both Written and Oral.


Completed higher National certificate holder from a reputable institution with specialization on Heavy Equipment mechanics. Actual
Experience in Lifting and Rigging of all equipment and materials as per appendices Mechanical WSG-OO7LR. As a Leadman, he is required to control, plan and organize all lifting gears, discuss and recommend Mobile Crane load chart. He must be proficient in
English, both Written and Oral.


Bachelors degree from a recognized University / College in mechanical engineering or equivalent subject. Minimum 5 years experience as a Planner/Scheduler of activities associated with shutdowns maintenance, operations and materials in an oil/gas facility Strong multi-cultural awareness. Computer skills should include a working knowledge of a variety of technical planning software and maintenance management and materials software. CMMS experienced preferably in SAP Actively provide supports to progress and execute the Shutdown Management System.


Secondary school education plus a three to five year vocational credential (HNC, HND or equivalent). Minimum 8-10 years experience as a Technical Planner and scheduler of activities associated with maintenance, production and materials in an oil/gas facility. Computer skills should include a working knowledge of a variety of technical planning software and maintenance management and materials software. SAP and Primavera P3 are preferred. Knowledge of preventative and predictive maintenance systems, performance measures and their applications. Exposure to Quality systems such as ISO 9002 and transactional environment of Asset Management software like AIM/EDMS.

The company offers attractive tax free salaries and benefits including Married or Single status with Semi-furnished housing, furniture allowance, educational assistance for upto 4 school aged children, annual home leave air fares, baggage allowance, free medical care.

Qualified and interested candidates are invited to send their detailed resume along with current salary details to 

Please mention name of position applied for in the subject line of the mail. You may also send your CV with relevant credential by post to the following address —

Brunel Energy, P O. Box 5658, Dubal, UAE.

Please mention ‘Application for Maintenance Group Positions’ on the Envelope.  


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