Be Generous to All, Be Kind to all and You will Find Happiness
TEAM WORK: Coming together is Beginning, Keepting together is progress, working together is a success
SUCCESS: Some People Dream of Success….while others wake up and work hard at it
SUCCES: The harder you work , the luckier you get
( website for qur'an translation in malayalam
Prayer is the key of the morning and the bolt of the evening
EXPERIENCE: Experience is a wonderful thing. It enables you to recognize a mistake when you make it again.
HASANATS (Good Deeds) are only the valid Currency at Final Day of Judgment, so Hurry to increase your deposits of Hasanats
Allah does not judge you according to your appearance and your wealth, but He looks at your hearts and looks into your deeds, and for Audio Quran, Hadeeth, & different Audio lectures in Urdu Language
Allah does not change any one’s status until he himself don’t struggle for FREE e-Library & Audio Collection in English, Urdu, Hindi , Telugu, Marhati and Malayalam
Great people talk about ideas, Average people talk about things, Small people talk about other people, and Ummeth e Muhammediya talk about the oneness of ALLAH.
What is missing in “ MOSQ---E ”. “ U ”. If not then look around who is? if yes then Be aware that “ U ” will be questioned by ALLAH on THAT DAY
When you don’t have any place in this universe to escape from ALLAH, then why don’t U surrender to almighty ALLAH
Those who don’t remember ALLAH here, ALLAH will also forget them there on THAT DAY
Account your self befor you are accounted by ALLAH on THAT DAY
The Person who obeys ALLAH has all his work done through unseen ways without him even knowing about it. Without doubt, the person who becomes ALLAH'S, ALLAH becomes his.
FEAR ALLAH, if you want to be an intelligent man
READ QURAN if you want to be a Loyal Servant of ALLAH
REMEMBER DEATH if you want to be Enlightened and peace of heart
TRUST ALLAH, if you want to be protected by enemies
DO WELL TO OTHERS FOR ALLAH'S SAKE, if you want to follow straight path
In the time of difficulties, don't ever say,'' Hay ALLAH!!! I have a big problem.''BUT instead say," Hay Problem!!! I have a big ALLAH.''and you will see every thing will be alright.
PRAISE AND THANK ALLAH, if you want to have long life
BE IN STATE OF ABLUTION (WADHU) ALWAYS if you wish for prosperity
DON'T ASK FOR ANYTHING FROM ANYBODY if you want to be a respectable person
DON'T DIVULGE THE WRONG DOINGS OF ANYBODY if you wish to be honorable
RECITE THE SURAH MULK, if you want to protect your self from the tortures of the grave
READ THE SURAH MUZAMMIL if you want to be rich
REMEMBER ALLAH BEFORE YOU EAT ANYTHING AND BEFORE YOU SLEEP if you want to be calm your fear of the day of last judgment Remember Allah before you eat anything and before you sleep .
GIVE THE UTMOST CARE IN TAKING YOUR ABLUTIONS[WUDHU OR WUZOO] AND IN BEING CLEAN AND PURE, if you want to feel the presence of Allah when you make your prayers
Life is Test. Islam is best. SALAT is must. AAKHIRAT is for rest. World is only dust. If QURAN is in chest nothing need next. Obey ALLAH first. Success will be next
"What you do for others is more important than what you do for yourself"
The person who cares for the orphan and I will be in Paradise together like this". Then he put his index finger and his middle finger together. (Al Bukhaaree, 10/365)
ALLAH (sub) said in the Holy Quran: Who is he that will loan to ALLAH a beautiful loan ? For (Allah) will increase it manifold to his credit, and he will have (besides) a generous reward - 57:11
Whoever takes care of the widow and the poor person is like the Mujaahid in the way of Allah". The narrator added, "And I think he said, 'Like the person who stands at night in prayer without relaxing, and the one who fasts and never breaks his fast. (Al-Bukhari 10/366)

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Job Openings in Arab News (English Daily of Saudi Arabia) as on: December 01, 2007 -  SATURDAY

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Please add Area Code (966 Saudia) before you call or send Fax from other country. If vacancy is for other than Saudi Arabia, then Country code is added with Tel No: / Fax No: NOTE: Most of the jobs for Saudi Arabia,  Country and Code is mentioned if other than Saudi Arabia


Required Purchasing / Procurement Officer / Buyer (Eastern Province Saudi Arabia )

7 years experience in the field of procurement & purchasing of diverse materials; should be computer proficient and posses good negotiating skills. Good knowledge of local market; vendor updates and database management will be required; should be have good accounting skills; must be transferable Iqama.

Submit your resume with recent photograph to;
Fax: 03- 8949991 (Eastern Province of Saudi Arabic )



Required urgently for a British Educational Consultancy branch Riyadh .

Education Counselor: Should be graduate with some experience in public dealing; must have excellent communication skills in English, Arabic and Urdu; computer knowledge; must be transferable Iqama.

Send your CV with photo to:
Fax: 02- 6683977  /    02-6689767 (Head office)



Required for Al-khobar based Company.

Country Medical Advisor:
· Medical degree registered with Saudi Health Specialties Council
· Minimum 10 years experience in A&E and Occupational Health experience
· Fluency in English, both reading and writing
· Good compute skills and knowledge of MS office programs.

Send your CV with copy of your degrees, current registration certificate, recent photograph, names and contact numbers (3) references to:

Post Box – 2836, Al- Khobar- 31952



Programmer Required for Jeddah:

· Should be an Oracle Certified Professional
· Degree or Diploma in related branch
· Windows NT Server, 2000 Server, Linux and Unix (User level), C, SQL, PL/ SQL, Visual Basic 6.0, Shell Scripting, Crystal Reports 8.5, Oracle 7.3/8/8i/9i, SQL Server 7/ 2000, Ms Access, Fox Pro, Oracle 9i/AS, HTML, DHML, XML, ASP, JAVA Script.
· Client/ Server Application, Database and Network Admin.
· Dynamic personality and marketing ability in IT related field.
· Minimum 3 years experience
· Fluency in English and Arabic languages.
· Transferable Iqama
· Valid Saudi license

Those who have the above potential , please rush your resume with 7 days in confidence to:

The Recruiting Manager
Fax No: 02- 6719925 (Jeddah)



Required for leading Project Management Company ( Riyadh )

i. Projects Managers:

Bsc. or MS in Civil Engineering or Architecture; Design management & supervision on large A& medium residential projects. Preferred in gulf area; 15years experience.


ii. Project Engineers:

BS degree in Architecture; design reviewer & supervision on large & medium residential projects. Preferred in gulf area; 10 years experience.


iii. Project Engineers:

BS degree in Civil Engineering; design reviewer & supervision on large & medium residential projects. Preferred in gulf area; 10 years experience.


iv. Project Engineers:

BS degree in Mechanical Engineering; design reviewer & supervision on large & medium residential projects. Preferred in gulf area; 10 years experience.


v. Project Engineers:

BS degree in Electrical Engineering; design reviewer & supervision on large & medium residential projects. Preferred in gulf area; 10 years experience.


vi. Site Engineer:

BS degree in Civil Engineering or Architecture; supervision; 3 years experience.


vii. Secretary:

Diploma in secretary or higher education; coordinating A& marketing in training centers; 10 years experience.


viii. Architectural Foreman:

Diploma in higher education; architectural finishing; 5 years experience.

Attractive salary packages

CV Send to Fax: 01-2059777  (RIYADH)



Urgently required for Telecommunication Project in Riyadh and Jeddah.

· Structural Engineer -          02 nos. (MS Degree)
· Civil Engineer –                 02 nos. (BS Degree)
· Electrical Engineer -           02 nos. (HVAC, Design)
· Mechanical Engineer –        02 nos. (BS Degree)
· Communication Engineer –  02 nos. (BS Degree)
· Quality Engineer –             02 nos. (BS Degree)
· Auto CAD –                       04 nos.
· Construction Engineer –      02 nos.

Minimum three years experience
Attractive salary packages

Send your CV to:
Fax:   01 2060552 ext. 107  (RIYADH)



Sales Engineers / Sales Executives

Conditions and skills:-

*Self motivated, hard working and result driven sales professionals with 2-5 if experience in the sales and marketing of building material components such as metal roof and wall cladding, cold formed steel sections, false ceiling /internal partitions, PU insulated sandwich panels, cold store panels etc. must be a graduate / Engineer with good communication skills and should be a team player.

Benefits: - attractive salary, sales commission and other perks offered toe right candidates.

Qualified candidates fulfilling the above conditions may send their CV’s immediately to,




Urgently required for Construction Company

· Cost Control:

(BSc in Civil Engineering) 10 years experience in the same field; familiar with latest cost control application programs; Bilingual (Arabic/English)


· QA/ QC Manager:

(Bsc in Engineering) 10 years experience in building and infrastructure works; having dynamic character, has deep knowledge of international codes and standards; quality control and quality assurance systems; excellent managerial/ leadership skills.


· Planning Manager:

(BSc in Civil Engineering) 10-15 years of professional experience; ability to apply scientific and computerized methodology to logistics problems; must have adequate command of English language; compliance with quality system requirement and has deep knowledge of primavera, international codes and standards.


· Planning Engineer:

(BSc in Civil Engineering) 5-8 years of professional experience; ability to apply scientific and computerized methodology to logistics problems; must have adequate command of English language; compliance with quality system requirement and has deep knowledge of primavera, international codes and standards.

Send your CV to:



Required for contracting Company, design& build ARRiyadh – Al Suleimaniah King Abdul Aziz Road

· Civil Engineers: 3 years experience

· Electro Mechanical Engineer: 7 years experience

· Surveyor:                                 2 years experience

· Secretary:                                2years experience; Arabic English must

· Accountant:                               5 years experience

· Procurement Officer:                   3 years experience

· Architect, Site Supervisor:           5 years experience

· Architect, Conceptual Designer:    5 years experience

Contact fax: 01- 2010267 ( Riyadh )
Tel no: 201 2666



Required FOR FMCG Food Company throughout SAUDI ARABIA:

Sales Representative:


high school graduate; age 20-35; transferable Iqama; fluent in both Arabic& Engilish; valid driver’s license; experience in sales.


Attractive salaries pus other benefits, including accommodation, medical insurance, monthly commission, air ticket, training courses, other incentives.

Send your CV to : 



Required for Ladies Beauty Saloon, Jeddah

Female Accountant: BS degree in Accounting from reputable university; solid proven 5 years experience; self motivated with a strong inter personal skills; familiar with most accounting software packages; bilingual Arabic& English; transferable iqama.

Fax your resume to:  02- 6600930



Required for construction in Jeddah:

A reputable Saudi consulting firm needs the following staff for the supervision of the construction of Airports, Residential& Commercial building in Abha, Najran, Tabuk and Al Madina Munowarah as follows:

· Project Managers (Civil Engineering): 20 years experience
· Site Engineers (Civil): 12 years experience
· Material Engineers: 10 years experience
· Inspectors: 10 years experience
· Surveyors: 10 years experience
· Quantity Surveyors: 10 years experience

Saudi Nationals will be given preference; all other candidates must have transferable Iqama.

Please send your detailed CVs and copies of Educational and experience certificates to:
PO BOX 9330 JEDDAH 21413
FAX: 02- 6143764  JEDDAH



Required for Saudi Multinational Company.

Executive Secretary/ Personal Assistant: university graduate; minimum 5years experience; typing skills having minimum speed 50wpm; knowledge of Word/ PowerPoint/ Excel; knowledge of any foreign language such as German will be advantage.

Contact e-mail:
Fax: 03 – 8874853 (eastern province Saudi ARABIA )



Required for a group of companies (Jeddah):

A group of companies, leader in the finest luxurious brands of cosmetics, perfumes, gift items and fashion, managing more than 70 showrooms and 1300 employees basing its growth on employees’ development and promotions through training and workshops is looking to recruit talented individuals in the following positions

· Senior Accountant: age 30-40; not less than 5 years experience; degree in related field; Saudi nationals preference
· Accountant: age 25-30; 2-3 years experience; degree in related field; Saudi nationals preference

Key responsibilities:
Entering all debit& credit maintaining all types of ledger accounts; preparing cash flow statements and maintaining petty cash for miscellaneous; accurate recording of payable & receivable; preparing trial balance at the end of every month.

Send your CV to:
Fax: 02- 6675222
PO BOX: 2489 JEDDAH 21451



Required for steel industries company ( Western Province Saudi Arabia ):

Office Manager and Secretary:

3 years experience; expert in MS Office; fluent in English; transferable Iqama for non- Saudis.

Benefits: attractive salary; housing allowance; transportation allowance; paid annual leave with tickets; health insurance; yearly bonus.

Send your CV to:
Attn: Human Resource Department
Fax: 02- 6874647 ( JEDDAH / Western Province )



Vacancies in Riyadh :

· Engineers: BSc/ BE in Electronics (specialized in CCTV &Access Control System)
· Electronic Technicians: experience with CCTV Access control panels

Candidates must possess minimum 2 years experience in industrial security projects.

Send your CV to:



Required IT Professionals (Saudi National preferred)

A leading information technology services company engaged in the business of offering IT infrastructure management and IT service management requires following professionals


· System Administrator for Sun/ Solaris Servers:

Sun certification in system admin 1 and Admin 2 is a must. Should have Hardware & Software experience in Clusters, SAN, Midrange & High-end Sun Servers.


· System Administrator

for Intel/ MS Windows Servers (HP or Dell certified): should have experience in administering Windows 2000/2003/NT, MCSE Certification is preferable. Should have a solid background in server and network systems.


· Alpha and Open VMS Certified Engineer:

hardware & Software specialist, certified on Alpha Servers.


· Network Administrator:

Certification in CCNA & IP technology.


· Oracle DBA, Oracle Financial & HR


· Geographic Information Specialist


· E Business Team Leader


· Microsoft BizTalk Consultant


· Dot NET Developer


· Web Designer & Developer:

should have experience in Java, ASP, net and XML, HTML, DHTML


· IT Service sales representative:

Service sales experience in private and public sector


Send your CV to e-mail:



Required for Riyadh based Construction Company

· Project Director:

minimum 20yers experience in pipeline projects.


· Civil Engineer:

familiar with Primavera enterprise, Microsoft Office and Having 5 years experience for construction planning.


· Construction Manager:

minimum 15 years experience.


· Procurement Manager:

minimum 10 years experience.


· Legal Advisor:

minimum 10 years experience.


· Control Administrator:

minimum 10 years experience.


· Accountant:

minimum 10 years experience.


· Executive Secretary (Arabic):

10 years engineering experience.


· Mechanical –Piping- Electrical- automation- HVAC –CIVIL- QA- QC- HSE- Engineers:

experience at least on of design and detailing / planning and cost control/ procurement and contracts administration.


· Senior Engineers:

10 years design experience.


· Junior Engineers:

5 years design experience.


· Draftsman/ Quality Surveyors/ Document controllers:

5 years experience.


· Site Managers:

10 years experience.


· Field Engineers:

5 years experience.


· Civil, Electrical & Mechanical Foreman/ Surveyor/ Heavy
· Equipment drivers/Drivers:

10 years experience


· Auto Mechanics & Heavy Equipment mechanics


· Accountants:

warehouse keeper.


· Camp Manager:

with hotel management experience.

· Lebanese’s food cooks/ chief


· Computer network operator/ technician

Send your resume including personal picture academic technical qualification and previous experience details in addition to expected salary to:


Fax: 01- 4198520 ext.300  RIYADH



Urgently needed for Riyadh based Aluminum Factory

· Engineers

· Technicians

· Surveyors

Send your CV to fax: 01- 2653555  RIYADH



Urgently requirement for a Freight Forwarding Company (head office Jeddah)

Required for Riyadh and Dammam branches


Operations clerks:

the candidate should be experienced in Freight Forwarding and custom clearance; should be fluent in English and computer skill.

Send your CV to: job.forwarders@hotmailcom



Bahrain Based Architectural and engineering Consultancy requires following staffs:

· SR. Structural Engineers (Buildings)-Design:

Graduate civil/ structural engineering with minimum 15 years experience.


· SR. Structural Engineers (Buildings)-Supervision:

Graduate civil/ structural engineering with minimum 15 years experience.


· Structural Engineers (Buildings)-Design:

Graduate civil/ structural engineering with 7-10 years experience.


· Structural Engineers (Buildings)-Supervision:

Graduate civil/ structural engineering with 7-10 years experience.


· CAD Technician (Structural):

qualified from a recognized institute in computer aided drafting with a minimum of 6 years of experience in preparation of structural drawing for commercial building projects. Experience is required in Auto CAD latest version


Visit our web site:  for more details

Apply within 10 days on prescribed personal data from available on website, attaching your detailed CV to:

Sr. Executive director
P. O. Box : 111, Manama , Kingdom of Bahrain



An Ultra Luxury Hotel Located in Jeddah needs to fill the following vacancies:

· Human Resources Manager:

male/female; Saudis only (code: 020700)


· Executive Secretary:

Female Arabic (code: 020701)


· Sales Marketing Coordinator:

male/female Arabic (code: 020702)


· Credit Manager:

female (code: 020703)


· Accountant :

male/female (code: 020704)


· Purchasing Agent (engineering):

with technical background (code: 020705)


· Storekeeper:

(code: 020706)


· Compound Manager:

(code: 020707)


· Security Guard:

male and female; Saudis only (code: 020708)


· Front Office Supervisor:

(code: 020709)


· Front Office Receptionist (Agent):



· Airport Greeter:

(code: 020711)


· Concierge:

(Code 020712)


· Doorman:

(code: 020713)


· Housekeeping Supervisor:



· Room Attendant:

(code: 020715)


· Public Area Attendant:

(code: 020716)


· Laundryman:

(code: 020717)


· Restaurant Captain:

(code: 020718)


· Steward:

(code: 020719)


· Butcher:

(code: 020721)


· Cook (Hot/ Cold/Pastry):

(code: 020722)


· Engineering Technician (electro machine):

(code: 020723)


· Reverse Osmosis Plant Operator:

(code: 020724)


· Compound Technician:

(code: 020725)


· ken Fix (Handyman):

(code: 020726)


Interested applicant to forward the CV, mentioning the code of position applied for, to:


Fax: 02- 2567607 (Jeddah)



Required for Qasim Hail region:

Electricity & Refrigeration Sales Representative: having good experience in same field.

Send CV fax to: 06- 3635455  (Qasim / Hail region)
Tel: 06- 3648444 (Qasim / Hail region)



Required for a leading Logistic & Freight forwarding Company ( Riyadh )

Sales Executive:

Graduate; good knowledge of computer & internet; good command in English & Arabic; minimum 2 years experience preferably in shipping; Saudi driving license compulsory; transferable Iqama required for non-Saudis.

Attractive salary, benefits and sales commissions offered

Send your CV to fax: 01- 2174435 (RIYADH )



Required for well established Company in Riyadh

· showroom Supervisor
· Sales Personnel
· Secretary

Must be required: Transferable Iqama; to be join immediately; capable of handling both Arabic and English.

Contact e-mail:
Fax: 03- 8963355 (for interview)

(eastern province OF SAUDI ARABIA)



Required for a large Pharmaceutical Company

· Senior System Analyst/ implementer:

8-12 years experience


· Analyst/ programmer:

3-7 years experience.


· Team leader technical support:

12-15 years experience.


· Technical support specialist:

3-7 years experience.


Experience in Oracle DBA, Linux and MS WINDOWS environment.

Send your CV to:   



Required for a Law Firm in Riyadh

· Public Relation Representative:

good command of English (writing, speaking& internet use); ability to established strategical relations with related international corporations through internet.

Send your CV to fax: 01- 2190995 ( Riyadh )



Required Medical Salesman ( Riyadh )

Saudi medical sector experience; knowledge of Microsoft, Excel, Word, PowerPoint; driving license; transferable Iqama.

Send your CV to:

Attn: HR Manager
Fax: 01- 2760849 ( Riyadh )



Required ( Riyadh ):

· Mechanical Agriculture Engineer
· Food & Feed Additives Sales
· Representative

Send your CV to:
Fax: 01- 4559840 ( Riyadh )



Required for Poly clinic in Batha, Riyadh .

· Pathologist /Lab Technologist
· Radiologist
· Staff Nurse
· Lab Technician
· X-ray technician
· Receptionist

The ideal candidates should have Saudi Council License with transferable Iqama.

Fax your CV to: 01- 4068885
Contact mobile: 055 8813560



Required English Teacher for Al Khobar

We are looking to recruit fulltime and part-time English teacher native speakers in only in Al-Khobar.

Send your CV to:
Contac mobile: 0500 090071



Urgently required for H.A husseini Inspection Co. Al-Khobar:

· Secretary /Receptionist
· Mechanical or Electrical Engineers
· Data Entry

Transferable Iqama holder with experience of 2-5 years.

Send your CV to:



Requires for a leading Automotive Agency:

· Account Supervisor: not less than 7 years experience.
· Accountant: not less than 5 years experience.
· Administrator: not less than 5 years experience.

Requirement: - holder of bachelor degree; transferable Iqama; familiar with computer software (Excel, Word, Power Point etc .); age not more than 30 years.

Send your CV to:



Required El-maimani Red Bricks Factories (Madina Munawara) muslims &non muslims :

· Auto Electrician
· Cook
· Crank Shank Grinder
· Diesel Machine
· Heavy Equipment Electrician
· Helpers
· Hydraulic Technician
· Kiln Operator
· Lab Technician
· Lathe Machine Operator
· Machine Operator
· Machine Shop supervisor
· Mason
· Mechanical Supervisor
· Petrol Mechanic
· Plant Mechanic
· Secretary
· Shift Mechanic
· Storekeeper
· Tig-Mig Welder
· Tyre-Man
· Welders

Send your resume to:
Web site:
Contact no: 055 436 7777



Required for a leading Manufacturing and Trading Co. (eastern Province , Saudi Arabia )

· Diesel Mechanic: Diploma in Automobile Engineering or Vocational trades (NCTVT); minimum 10 years experience with Mercedes Truck, Man Truck & Hydraulic Systems.
· Concrete Products Fact. Machine Operator/ Welders: minimum 10 years experience in this field; transferable Iqama preferred.

Send your CV fax to: 03- 8579968  (EASTERN PROVINCE OF SAUDI ARABIA )



Required for SR Technics ( Riyadh )

We are one of the world’s leading providers of technical solutions to airlines. Currently we are looking to recruit the following position to support our operation in Saudi Arabia .

· Maintenance Operation Controllers:

GACA licensed mechanic with a minimum of 10 years experience aircraft maintenance experience preferably in a line maintenance or maintenance control center environment, handling large commercial aircraft. Preference will be given to individuals with qualifications and experience on B737-300 aircraft.

Essential requirement:


excellent English communication skills, written and verbal; competent in the use of IT system; transferable Iqama for non- Saudis.

Send your CV to:

Attn: Recruitment Department
SR Technics UK Ltd ( Riyadh branch)
Fax: 01-4725484  RIYADH



Required for International Manufacturing and Distribution Co. ( Riyadh ):

· Inventory Controllers: oversees timely and accurate recording of product movement in and out of central or satellite warehouses. Monitors and organizes material as per approved floor plan.

Requirements: Diploma in accounting; 2-3 years experience in similar field; good command of English and Arabic with excellent computer capabilities; age less than 35 years.

Send your CV fax to: 01-2651614





Charted Accountant ( Riyadh ):

· CPA, FCA or Charted Account
· At least 5 years experience in Finance Manager in a Manufacturing Company.
· Experience in process and methodology of conversion of limited liability Company to join stock company.
· Strong knowledge of cost accounting
· Knowledge of effective management decision support system, budgeting and financial planning and internal controls systems.
· Ability to prepare financial statement analysis and management reports.
· Familiar with computerized accounting system
· Fluent in English.


· Reporting on liaising with the General Manager on Financial matters, consulting with bank, financial institutions, and preparation of budget, monthly managements accounts etc.

Preference will be given to Saudis and qualified applicants with transferable Iqama.

Send your CV to;
Attn: General Manager
P. O. Box: 6230, Riyadh- 11442



Required for Fresh Food Company wholesale and retail ( Riyadh ):

· Area Sales Manager
· Sales Supervisor
· Warehouse Supervisor
· Purchasing in-charge
· Executive Secretary

Terms and conditions:

Saudi Nationals preferred, or who have transferable Iqama.
For sale dept.  candidates should have the following qualities:

· University Graduate
· At least 5 years experience in same field.
· Good command in English (speaks and writes).
· Preferred who have good market knowledge.

Attractive salary and benefits, commission and medical insurance, will be provided

Send your CV to:

Attn: Human Resource Department
Fax: 01- 4939814



Required for one of the leading company in the field of contracting ( Riyadh ):


Bachelor of degree or higher in relevant field; cost calculation process, PC programs specially MS Office, standards, other software; minimum 5 years experience in estimation of projects in KSA; transferable Iqama.

Send your CV to:

Attn: General Manager
Fax: 01- 4775350  RIYADH



Required for leading Saudi Engineering Co.

· City Planner:

good experience in regional planning and skilled in the related computer programs.


· Urban Economist:

good experience in urban development and urban economy.


· Urban Designer:

experience in city planning, detailed designs and familiar with urban and panning regulation

All applicants shall possess master degree and experience not less than 10 years.

Send your CV to:  or



Job opportunities in Investment Company:

· Operation Managers
· Financial Controller
· Legal Advisor
· Credit Managers / officers
· Facility Manager
· Risk Managements Officers
· Project Managers
· Human Resource Managers/ Officers


university degree MBA advantage; at least 5 years experience in similar position; excellent communication skills; ability work in multi cultural environment is a must

We offer generous and competitive remuneration packages.

Send your resume to:




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