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EVERY ONE WANT TO GO TO HEAVEN , BUT NO ONE WANT TO DIE ? BECAUSE OUR DEEDS ARE NOT AS ALLAH WANTSxxxxxxxxxxPRAY BEFORE OTHER PRAY FOR YOUxxxxxxxxxxTAKE CARE OF YOUR TODAY, YOUR TOMORROW WILL CARE YOUxxxxxxxxxxBe Generous to All, Be Kind to all and You will  Find HappinessxxxxxxxxxTEAM WORK: Coming together is Beginning, Keepting together is progress,  working together is a successxxxxxxxxxxSUCCESS:  Some People Dream of Success….while others wake up and work hard at itxxxxxxxxxx       SUCCES:  The harder you work ,  the luckier you getxxxxxxxxxxPrayer is the key of the morning and the bolt of the eveningxxxxxxxxxxEXPERIENCE: Experience is a wonderful thing. It enables you to recognize a mistake when you make it againxxxxxxxxxx       HASANATS (Good Deeds) are only the valid Currency at Final Day of Judgment, so Hurry to increase your deposits of HasanatsxxxxxxxxxxAllah does not judge you according to your appearance and your wealth, but He looks at your hearts and looks into your deedsxxxxxxxxxxAllah does not change any one’s status until he himself don’t struggle for       Great people talk about ideas, Average people talk about things, Small people talk about other people, and Ummeth e Muhammediya talk about the oneness of ALLAH.xxxxxxxxxxWhat is missing in “ MOSQ---E ”.  “ U ”.  If not then look around who is?  if yes then Be aware that “ U ”  will be questioned by ALLAH on THAT DAYxxxxxxxxxxWhen you don’t have any place in this universe to escape from ALLAH, then why don’t U  surrender to almighty ALLAHxxxxxxxxxxThose who don’t remember ALLAH here,  ALLAH will also forget them there on THAT DAYxxxxxxxxxx Account your self before you are accounted by ALLAH on THAT DAY xxxxxxxxxxThe Person who obeys ALLAH  has all his work done through unseen ways without him even knowing about it.  Without doubt, the person who becomes ALLAH'S, ALLAH becomes his.xxxxxxxxxxMAY ALLAH ACCEPT  US AS HIS “ABABEELS”xxxxxxxxxxFEAR ALLAH,  if you want to be an intelligent manxxxxxxxxxxREAD QURAN if you want to be a Loyal Servant of ALLAHxxxxxxxxxxREMEMBER DEATH  if you want to be Enlightened and peace of heart xxxxxxxxxxTRUST ALLAH, if you want to be protected by enemiesxxxxxxxxxxDO WELL TO OTHERS FOR ALLAH'S SAKE, if you want to follow straight pathxxxxxxxxxxIn the time of difficulties, don't ever say,'' Hay ALLAH!!! I have a big problem.''BUT instead say," Hay Problem!!! I have a big ALLAH.''and you will see every thing will be alright.PRAISE AND THANK ALLAH, if you want to have long lifexxxxxxxxxxPROTECT YOUR EYES AND YOUR TONGUE AND YOUR HANDS AND WHAT IS BELOW YOUR WAISTLINE AGAINST EVIL , if you want to save your self from HELL BE IN STATE OF ABLUTION  (WADHU) ALWAYS if you wish for prosperityxxxxxxxxxxSHED TEARS FOR WHAT YOU HAVE DONE AND REPENT BY UNDOING WHAT YOU HAVE DONE WRONG  if you want to cleanse your  self  from my sinsxxxxxxxxxxDON'T ASK FOR ANYTHING FROM ANYBODY if you want to be a respectable personxxxxxxxxxxDON'T DIVULGE THE WRONG DOINGS OF ANYBODY  if you wish to be honorablexxxxxxxxxxRECITE THE SURAH MULK,  if  you want to protect your self from the tortures of the gravexxxxxxxxxxREAD THE SURAH MUZAMMIL  if you want to  be richxxxxxxxxxxREMEMBER ALLAH BEFORE YOU EAT ANYTHING AND BEFORE YOU SLEEP  if you want to be calm your fear of the day of last judgment Remember Allah before you eat anything and before you sleep  if you want to be calm your fear of the day of last judgment. xxxxxxxxxxGIVE THE UTMOST CARE IN TAKING YOUR ABLUTIONS[WUDHU OR WUZOO] AND IN BEING CLEAN AND PURE, if you want to feel the presence of Allah when you make your prayersxxxxxxxxxx"

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Job Openings in Arab News (English Daily of Saudi Arabia) as on: August 02, 2007 - THURSDAY
You may not need These jobs but it may be of interest to someone around you. So pass it to Others. It is easy to help others.
NOTE : Please don’t forget to add Area Code (966 Saudia) before you call or send Fax from other country. If vacancy is for other than Saudi Arabia, then Country code is added with Tel No: / Fax No:


A leading company in Eastern Province of Saudi Arabia is looking for

L/C Accountant.

Applicants should have university degree, three years experience in the same field, good command of English and ability to use LC programs.

Send your CV to E-mail: job@alkafaa.com 


A leading company in Eastern Province of Saudi Arabia is looking for

Supervisor for Collection Department.

Applicants should have three years experience in same field, good command of English (speaking, reading, writing), good communication skills and ability to use computer programs.

Send your CV to E-mail: job@alkafaa.com


Required by a company, Eastern Province of Saudi Arabia :

Mechanical Engineer

in building construction, site development and supervision, graduate, good knowledge in AutoCAD, English and computer and valid driving license.

Also required





Send CV to Fax: 03-8990818 or

E-mail: saar_est@gawab.com 


A leading men’s health club and spa in Riyadh requires experienced and qualified

Massage Therapist.

Candidate should have a minimum knowledge of Swedish massage and reflexology. Good terms and incentives for right candidates.

Fax your CV to 01-4871529 or mail to david@makshaff.com  or call to 0505266512.


A leading men’s health club and spa in Riyadh requires

Waiter / Juice Bar Operator

to operate club juice bar. Filipinos preferred. Good terms and incentives for right candidates.

Fax your CV to 01-4871529 or

mail to david@makshaff.com


A Riyadh-based computer shop requires

computer technician

with good perfection in hardware and software. Nationality should be Filipino or Indian. Transferable Iqama preferred.

Contact Mobile: 0504296271, 0564888878.


Job Vacancies:

LUBRICANTS DIVISION of a leading business group is looking for self motivated, ambitious and experienced persons for all major cities in Saudi Arabia for the post of


• At least 3 years successful Lubricants sales & making experience in dealing with industrial / institutional costumers in Saudi Arabia
• Good communication skills in Arabic & English
• Transferable Iqama & valid Saudi driving license is a must


• Prefer Graduate with 3-5 years of experience as a secretary in a reputed company
• Computer literate, with good typing speed
• Good communication skill in English & Arabic is an advantage
• Expiates should have Transferable Iqama

Email your Resume at chemindustry@zajil.net


1) Steel structure company, Jeddah has the following openings

• Production engineer / manager
• Planning engineer
• Projects engineer / manager
• Structure steel designer / detailer
• QC/QA inspector
• Maintenance engineer
• Executive sectary
Email: goto_nr@yahoo.com  or Fax: 02-6081814



Senior Electrical Engineers
With 15-20 years of contracting experience in electrical installations of large scale building projects, for leading contractor in Qatar

Send your CV Fax: 00974 4867134 or email: electrical951@yahoo.com 



Required Low Voltage System (BMS, Security, & Fire Alarm) Sales Engineer for an Automation company with offices in Dubai and Sharjah.

Must have 4 years of experience, please send your CV at gmecsharjah@yahoo.com




Applicants must have 2 years of experience.
Send your application Fax: (01) 2000777 or email: recruitment.officer@yahoo.com 


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