Resume Don'ts


Here are some things you should definitely avoid when preparing your resume:

Do not write resume or CV at the top - the first thing should be your identification data.
Do not use colored paper to make your resume more attractive! The attractiveness of a resume comes from its content and organization. Print it on white or off white, good quality paper.
Do not submit a resume full of spelling mistakes. Use your computer spell check and have a friend read it over. A resume full of mistakes is a sign of a careless individual.
Do not include your gender and religion on a resume - your gender is apparent from your name, and no employer will take religion into account when hiring, nor will it matter whether you are veiled or not.
Do not give too many details of your marital status - married will do; the employer doesn’t need to know how many kids you have at this stage.
Do not put a picture of yourself unless it is specifically requested from an employer; again, it will never be a basis for judgment.
Do not use abbreviations. Spell the word out the first time you use it, and then you can use the abbreviation throughout the remainder of the resume. This goes for even the most commonly known abbreviations.
Do not list your references on the resume. End your resume with “References Furnished Upon Request” and if the interviewer wants further details, he’ll let you know.
Appearances count, so do not try to save money by printing your resume on cheap paper instead of good quality stock. Avoid coffee stains, etc...
Do not reduce the size of your resume so that it becomes difficult to read.  If your experience requires you to have a lengthy resume, then by all means have it.
Do not try to play around with the dates in order to hide the fact that you have been unemployed, that you change jobs too frequently, or that you held low-level positions.
If you are seeking a job in a field in which you have no previous experience, do not use the chronological format for your resume. Rather, use the functional or skills-oriented format.
Do not simply copy the job description jargon from the company's HR manual as your career objective.
Avoid repetitive words; they make your resume extremely boring.
Do not include the reason behind why you are not currently employed by each job listed on your resume.
Focus on your most recent experiences, rather than on everything you’ve done in your life.
Do not apply to positions that you are not qualified for, concentrate rather on the fields of interest where you qualify.
When you send out your resume, do not attach extra documents, transcripts, and so forth, unless you are specifically asked to do so.




Note:  Only efforts don't work,  include prayers and ask ALLAH for best results out of your small efforts