Generally to check the skills, experience, qualification, hobbies etc., an Interview will be conducted and to select a suitable and best deserved candidate for the position in a Company who can handle the job efficiently, independently.

Remember that the interviewer (s) are of great experience. They are fully acquainted with the nature of the duty and qualities required of a candidate for the particular job. They can judge a candidateís capabilities from his words and expressions.

In this matter, the candidate must be well prepared to give the answer briefly, point-to-point, with suitable examples so that he can impress the Interviewer; The following are few techniques which are generally observe at the time of Interview;

1. There are generally two types of interview, (a) Verbal and (b) Written.

2. Be Confident, be Bold, be Polite, be Positive while facing the interview.

3. Your fear & tension are the main drawbacks in getting the job, so try to avoid it completely.

4. Soon after receipt the Call from the Company, you should prepare/revision the relevant subject matter.

5. Inquiry about the Companyís background and to whom interview at what exact time, date & Venue.

6. One day before the interview, visit to the said Company and know the exact location and collect some information about the Company, their main business activities, about Product, Service, how many branches, their locations, how many staff working (Technical/Non-technical), Salary range etc. complete so that, at the time of interview you will have more confident to give the appropriate reply.

7 Think that, you are going to attend the Interview but not to beg anything from the Interviewer.

8. Never claim false expressions of any hobbies or interest, actually you donít have.

9. Donít lie any matter at any cost, which leads to leave a bad impressions.

10. Dress smartly with combination tie, shoe (polished), cut the nails, use light scent/spray, combed well etc., Avoid strong scent/after shave lotion.

11. In case if you may have mouth-smell, then Pl. use mouth-refreshing tablets/syrup before interview. Advise not to use the onion, garlic & other food stuffs which gives smells while speaking.

12. Reach the interview location at least half-an-hour in advance.

13. Wait patiently up to your turn comes in the Waiting Hall/Room. And donít discuss any technical/subject matter with your colleagues this will loose your confidence.

14. Enter in the Interview Hall/Room duly knocking the door. Donít enter the room neither very hurriedly nor very slowly. Normal pace and dignified entry must characterize the candidateís appearance before the interview board.

15. After saying usual salutation like, Good morning/Afternoon/Evening as per the situation, give brief introduction and the reasons to come here, and donít wait till the Interviewer to start the discussions.

16 Donít shake hand until and unless the other side is offer first.

17. Occupy the seat quite normally - when the Interviewer requests you. And donít forget to say him ĎThanksí.

18. In case, if you wear a Hat or sunglasses take it off as you enter the Room/Hall.

19. Sit comfortably with more confidently and donít keep any File, Testimonials, or Bag on the interviewís table. You should keep it down at your side.

20. Listen very attentively & carefully the question and give answer in natural & normal ways.

21. If you donít understand the question properly, request him to repeat, tell frankly & donít shame/hesitate here. If you donít understand at all any question then, simply keep quite, donít try to give false reply/information.

22. The First Impression is the Best Impression, so try to give good impression.

23. Speak in a soft but very clear tone. Your words should be well chosen. You should convey your ideas very clearly. Maintain the normal pitch and normal speed.

24. During interview, see the Interviewerís eyes and give reply suitably.

25. The Interviewer read your body language, donít bend so or donít sit so comfortably freeing the legs, hands or shoulder, so be careful.

26. Keep the friendly & good atmosphere in the Room/Hall with smile face, and some-time laugh and donít so close with the Interviewers, otherwise bad impression count.

27. Your every moments will be checked by the Interviewer.

28. Donít complain against previous Employer/Co. at any stage, which give a negative thought on the Interviewer.

29. Some-times the Interviewer ask about why you leave the previous Co. what are the main reasons etc., so give appropriate and correct answers like; for bright prospectus or good working atmosphere etc., Never say, salary not in time, not good Company, this will give again the negative points.

30. Apart from the subject matter, they may ask other general & social questions, so give the right answer.

31. Donít keep any kind of mental tension while facing the interview, which leads to fail the interview.

32. Some-times, they may ask personal and general questions at a time, to confuse the candidate, so listen carefully and give one-by-one answer, & donít loose your temper.

33. Advise to Rehearsal for Interview with your Master or friend, so that confidant will come and can face the interview in perfect manners.

34. Donít ask any questions/quarries until and unless you have been requested.

35. Donít ask first about the salary/package and other service benefits etc.,

36. Memorize all the passing dates of Qualifications & Experience, sometimes they may ask, what you have mentioned in the CV.

37. Donít play with the items place before the Interviewís table.

38. Donít change your seating directions frequently; this will loose attention of the Interviewers.

39. Donít blame your Fate, Fortune or your family background or financial matters; this will count another negative point on your part.

40. After Interview finished, leave the premises immediately, and leave a impression that, you have to attend another interview at another place.

41. Try to cover your weakness through the presentation of other achievements.

42. Develop your personality to suit the post for which you have applied.



- Until and unless you have not prepared well, you are unable to face the Interview.
- At any stage, donít fear, be confident in you, be polite, be positive this will leads to success the interview.
- In fact there are number of opportunities in the Market for the right, deserved, well qualified, talent, energetic, well experience candidate only.
- Communication is the only way of _expression your skills & talent.
- To get any success, definitely there should be hard work with more concentrations, and proper preparations.
- Success is sure and definite for those who himself check their negative points and changed into positive attitudes.
- Dear, if you can't change your attitudes then no one can help you and you never succeed in your Career/Life. Pl. accept the facts.
- Wishing all the Best in your Career.
- You may please add some relevant information to this text to complete the information in all respect.


DONíT FORGET TO PRAY TO ALLAH TO GET YOU SUCCESS, if you are not successful,

Donít feel heart because ALLAH has kept some good opportunity for you somewhere else



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