Have you ever wondered why a person is unable to get a job even though he is well qualified, has the right age and work experience, is smart and presentable, wants to work with absolute honesty and loyalty, still, he is unable to get that job?



The reason is very simple, his biodata is not in the hands of the decision makers who can employ him and moreover , he wants to reinvent the wheel regarding job search by doing the following activities:


a) He speaks to his friends, relatives and ex bosses to get him a job. The percentage of success is very poor by this option as they are not the one to issue an appointment letter to you.


b)He buys job directories and starts mailing but he doesn't know that most of the email ids are wrong , phone no.s have changed and the database is obsolete. Moreover , sending biodata in bcc doesn't help.


c) His cv is unprofessional and he underemploys himself as his biodata doesn't reflect  what all he has done or is capable of doing and  he feels that since he is very good in English , he can make his own biodata , but what he doesn't know is that what the HR manager is looking for? What is his mentality? How you need to present your papers to him as he will reject you without even a meeting , just because of your biodata. Presentation matters.


He wastes so much of his precious time in experimenting , gets frustrated , either settles down in the same stupid job which offers no growth and benefits or he starts visiting  palmist and visiting mosque very frequently for pray to ALLAH S.W.T. ( PRAYERS WILL BE BENEFITED IF  EFFORT ARE ALSO DONE )


I am not saying  to send CV to me, just pointing you to think on these  points also